California Song

THAT WAS AMAZING. Fer serious.

They played, again, a lot from The Sunset Tree (including Up the Wolves, YEY!, and Dilaudid, YEY!). And they played GAME SHOWS TOUCH OUR LIVES!! Holy crap. They also played TWO tracks from Sweden – Tollund Man and California Song. Honestly, when he started playing California Song last, I nearly passed out. It was so nice when a lot of people there sang the ‘I got joy joy joy’ part. They encored with No Children first, and the cheers were deafening.

I was worried, after the amount of fun I had at the festival, that this gig would be a let down. No way! I had more fun tonight than I might have ever had.

And it was nice taking Tara. We had a chat in the car on the way back about her plans. I think I managed to talk her into considering uni as an option. It’s not to say I think she should do it, but she should at least look at it and see if it’s something she might want to do. I would hate for her to look up in 5 years and have regret for not even considering it.

Man, someone’s shoes smell really bad. I will be glad when, tomorrow night, it’s just me and MY smelly shoes.

One more day

So I get my house back Thursday. I’m so happy about that I might burst.

I can’t wait to get things straight again. To let the control freak in me completely loose (I think that might be some sort of ironic oxymoron or something. I’m too tired to be smart enough to figure that out). I need my stereo back – I usually have music going pretty much from the second I get home till I go to bed – it’s a lot of listening time. I’ve hardly listened to any of the new music I have, because I don’t really want to listen to it at work for the first time. I can’t concentrate on it properly there.

Also, I have no plans for the weekend. I fully intend to keep it that way if I can, and even though work is off the charts right now I want to try and keep Saturday free. ??It will be a bit of a fight with Brenda – she will most certainly be working Saturday and she likes company so she can feel a little less like she’s not the only one who doesn’t have a life.

Get up out of the dirt

I think I will be removing Newington Armory dust from my hair/eyes/ears/nose/fingernails for weeks. Next year (if it runs next year) we’re fulling intending to camp, so I can only imagine I will reach a whole new level of filth.

I got joy joy joy

I should really go to bed, but I can’t because my mind is buzzing with the last three days.
So to summarise today –

Tummy butterflies.
Claire Bowditch and the Feeding Set.
Talking – the first real face to face conversation in days.
Whoa – different crowd today. Those really aren’t good shoes/clothes for a festival – you’re gonna regret wearing that later. Bernard Fanning has a lot to answer for.
Lior. Lucky Laura.
Walking, talking, walking, talking.
‘Whoa, you’re just this person who attracts completely random people.’ Ah, yeah, seemingly. Which is all good so long as their tongue stays in their mouth and out of my ear.
Fucking mobile phones.
This Josh Pike T-shirt isn’t for me, really.
Xavier Rudd – holy holy holy crap. The things he can do with a kick drum, a slide guitar and a didgeridoo.
‘I’m not sure if it’s Xavier, but there’s a whole lotta love here.’
The biggest Augie March fans are to be found in queues for toilets.
Ash Grumwald. Interesting.
ME – ‘Is your friend okay?’ HER – ‘Yeah, he’s okay. He just took a pill and he had an operation to put pins in his knees like 2 months ago and right now he can’t use his legs. It’s okay, someone is gonna come get him and take him back to the tent.’ ME – ‘Uh, okay.’
King Tide sound check – is there another band in the world that takes as long to set up?!
ME – ‘If I lean against the front rail, will I look like a groupie?’ HIM – ‘Yes.’ ME – ‘Oh well, I’m okay with that.’
I am gonna make it through this year if it kills me.
The Mountain Goats (HAIL!@&^%!@).
Donovan Frankenreiter. Man’s got soul.

It’s funny you know. I was reading Ben’s blog this morning before heading back into the festival, and I felt yearning. He had written about how quiet the first 2 days of his weekend had been, and how nice it was. I think the yearning came from just wanting that downtime so badly. I want the feeling of a day stretching out with no plans, and no one to please but myself. This week I have Tweedledum and Tweedledee staying with me until Friday, and then I’m driving to Wagga for the weekend (because I honestly think that’s the only way I’m going to get them back there). Work also promises to be great gobs of fun this week.

Tonight, though, I feel different. The yearning has gone. I think it has a lot to do with spending time with new people – there’s something so validating about making new friends. It’s nice to know that other people find you even remotely interesting, and genuinely want your company. Even if it’s a temporary, fleeting thing, it can be enormous in the grand scheme of things. It helps me realise that the world indeed works in mysterious ways, and that you never know what’s around the corner. You shouldn’t make your mind up about things and write people off generally.

Also, 3 days music festivals are no good for my resolve to spend less money on music. There are a lot of CDs I want now, and a lot more bands I want to see live. It’s exciting and kinda annoying all at once.

Tomorrow night I will do a ‘best of’ for future posterity. It’s good to get all this stuff out I reckon, while it’s fresh in your mind. Right now though I really need sleep.

Dear John Darnielle,

Thank you. Your 60 minutes of music tonight rocked my world, and it also made the last month okay. To appreciate the gravity of that you’d have to know how fucked my month (no, year) has been, but I will save you the agony. Really, the Mountain Goats were one of the main reasons I bought tickets to this festival, so you had a lot of expectation to live up to.

And you opened with This Year. It all welled up inside me so much that I wasn’t sure what to do with it – in the end I just danced and sang along with everyone else and grinned like a fool. I was surprised that you opened with such a crowd pleaser, but it was just perfect. To hear the whole crowd screaming ‘I am gonna make it, through this year, if it kills me!*@^!’ at the top of their lungs made my heart soar. That’s my song.

You know, all weekend I did not come across one other Mountain Goats fan. And I talked to a lot of people. I was beginning to think everyone was there for Bernie or Xavier and I was worried the tent would be a bit empty and the vibe would be weird. You were playing at 8:20PM, and I made my new friends come with me to the Big Top at 7:45, just as the act before you was finishing, so I could get right up front. Pretty much for the first 15 minutes there was hardly anyone there – but then, they started coming. Mountain Goats fans. We were up the front and talking, so I didn’t see how big the crowd got, but I turned around and there were so many people there!

Then you both came out and the cheering was riotous. You played the first few chords of This Year and the crowd went mad. Then, as you went into Dance Music, the cheering got louder. Every person in that tent was singing along and it looked like you loved it. My favourite parts were when the crowd sang, almost to the point of drowning you out, ‘There will be feasting, and dancing, IN JERUSALEM NEXT YEAR@!&^!’ and also when you said ‘sing it!’ and everyone screamed out ‘I DON’T WANNA DIE ALONE’ in Dance music. And I will love you forever for playing that acoustic version of Dilaudid. Thanks also for your stories about your songs, particularly the one for Ox Baker Triumphant.

I hope you had as much fun as I did. Your set tonight was the perfect way to end a great 3 days.

See you at the Annandale on Wednesday – I will be the girl with the ‘I wish I could speak to you as much as your lyrics speak to me’ look in her eyes.

You rock more than words can say,


Somewhere in my chest all the noise just gets crushed by the song

A reminder to my future self (because I am WAY too tired to write about alla this now) –

Friday –

Public transport in this city is fucked.
Let’s all hold hands and pretend we’re having a good time.
Combat Wombat.
Something for Kate.
Wandering wandering wandering.
Mia Dyson.
Note to men throughout the world: putting your tongue in a girls ear is REALLY not hot.
All this matter and make up and d??j?? vu.
Sigur Ros.
So this is what music can be like.
The Herd.
Oh look! Public transport CAN work after all!
Rage Rage Rage Ra Ra Rage Rage Rage.

Saturday –

I think I must have ATM written on my forehead.
Taking a punt and not pre-booking parking can pay off.
It’s amazing how quickly you can get somewhere when you’re not relying on Cityrail.
The Vasco Era.
Not being able to stand still for a solid hour.
The Audreys.
Half an hour on the side of the hill alone.
Hellen is marrying into an interesting family.
Andy Clockwise – awesome.
Femi Kuti.
That’s my HEAD you just collected, fuck wit.
The Black Keys.
Lost scarf, dusty face, hair and eyes, sore feet and legs, buzzing head.
Paul Mac’s mullet is really getting out of control.
Aural overload, but in that good way.
Where the hell did I park my car?
Why the HELL do guys aged 16 to 18 hang out at McDonalds’ all the way along Parramatta Road?
I think I am always doomed to leave parties early to make it to a gig, or get there late because I have been to a gig. Rarely do the party holders/guests understand.
Quiet. Quiet. Quiet. The clamour dims.

Tomorrow I see Mr Darnielle do that thing he does. Also, I’m looking forward to Xavier Rudd and Lior. But now I really gotta sleep before I fall out of my chair.

This minute today

I’m a little fed up of hearing ‘I just need you to give me a little more’ or variations of that theme. For as long as I can remember my boss has said to me ‘we just need to get over this hurdle – then, the hours will let up and you can start working on all those projects you’ve got backing up’. She said that to me again today – just a little more time Karen. Give it a little more time.

But time is passing us by. Or hasn’t she noticed?

I’m not daring to hope about the house. I’m trying not to let my head get carried away with ideas of owning space and owning walls and everything within them. Still, it’s hard not to hope for things, particularly things that speak to you so loudly. Next week I will know one way or the other. It’s either going to shrink into quiet disappointment or unleash a crazy chain of life changing events. And the scary thing is there is little I can do right now to control it. I need to let it go until at least next weekend.

Easier said than done. Inexplicably every trip I take to, from and through Windsor right now is via Moses Street.

In other news, I managed to blow a decent amount of cash (via gift vouchers) on CDs tonight. I am really excited about everything I picked up, and can’t wait to listen to it all. So far, the two that I’ve heard (Sweden by the Mountain Goats and Dead Wood Falls by Jen Cloher & The Endless Sea) are great. Lots of great music to listen to over the coming few weeks.

Also, 3 days of music goodness stretching ahead of me. Huzzah! 🙂

Almost lost and almost home

I just love 14 hour days. I really want this week to be over. Augie March is saving me this week. I am loving every single album of theirs right now – it all seems to suit my frame of mind. I am SO excited about seeing them live at the end of this month.

I’m still at work. This is partly because I have been here fixing the server with Alan and installing software on two PCs, and it’s partly because I don’t want to go home. They both mean well, and really, they’re not bad to have around. Just, ugh. Still, I guess I can go straight to bed, put headphones in my ears and zone out for a good hour before falling asleep.

Someone said to me in an email today that you can’t discount something because it’s an idea. It’s good advice, because often your preconceived ideas about a situation or concept can skew your overall feeling.

My white cottage with the green roof is still there. They’re having trouble selling it – I’m pretty sure it’s not the sort of house just anyone would want. The location is awesome, but it’s tiny on the inside (much bigger, mind, than the shoebox I’m in now) and a little run down. Also, it has almost every original fixture there was, including the kitchen and the bathroom. That, to me, is part of its charm, but something that would have to be looked at eventually. According to Dad this means the wiring and plumbing would be original too, and to modernise anything all that might need to be redone which would be hell of expensive.

Also, no matter which way I look at the money I come up a little short. It’s just a little too expensive right now. That’s not to say I couldn’t push and pull some things and coerce the boss into helping me a little. But then, do I want to be financially crippled for months until I could crawl back to being ahead?

Still, something in me wells up every time I see it or drive past it. So, I’m following this idea through to the outcome that’s meant to be; whatever that is. Open house is next weekend – we’ll see if it still sings.