If everyone could send a prayer up to the traffic gods (particularly the gods presiding over Victoria and Parramatta Roads) I’d really appreciate it.

I got the answer here, I wrote it down somewhere, I just gotta find it

I bought a tiny filofax tonight. It’s red and shiny, and right now, empty. Well, except for various unwritten on calendar bits. Tomorrow I will take it to work and fill it with gigs and trips to Wagga and conferences and birthdays. It’s getting a little out of control, and you know it’s bad when you have to drop into work on a Sunday to check your diary. It’s probably a good idea to have the damn thing portable.

I went shopping to buy a filofax, and I came back with 2 CDs, a new pair of (fairly awesome) shoes, sushi, new socks and some moisturiser. Generally I’m in and out of those places, but tonight I didn’t mind wandering around so much. And I needed new shoes, so I guess that’s all good.

Tomorrow night is building up to be a big one. There are all sorts of awesome people coming, the promise of some pretty great music, and I managed to convince some office types to come with us. It’s going to be so much fun.

After the week I’ve had, fun would be nice.

I’ll keep digging

  1. TOOL ARE TOURING. Eeeeee!!!!

  2. It’s only Wednesday and I’ve already done my Spanish homework. For some reason this makes me slightly uncomfortable. Being organised is not really how I roll.

  3. The Panda Band are my new favourite thing. Ghosts Have the Best Time might be the most contagious song ever.

  4. So far this week has been shitty to the power of infinity. Last night I declared to the world that it could get fucked and I was filing for divorce. Today I’m happy to talk about counselling but we’re still very much on the rocks. YA HEAR?! Buck up bucko, the rest of this week must be awesome.

  5. I booked flights to the Gold Coast today. Who the hell organises a business conference at Sea World I ask you? I mean, seeing the penguins will be cool I guess, because penguins, regardless of the viewing circumstances, are always cool. But I’d much prefer the organisers put it in a hotel in Brisbane (which, incidentally, I like as a city) therefore meaning I don’t have to spend ONE HOUR on a transfer each way from Coolangatta airport. FFS people.

  6. I was just thinking to myself that perhaps Corrine Grant had the most annoying laugh in the world, and then I heard Georgie Parker laugh. Holy hyena.

  7. Alan is in a plane over the ocean right now. I’m gonna kinda miss his stupid phone calls and random insults over MSN.

  8. I have lost the CDs (not the cases) for both Moo, You Bloody Choir and the One Crowded Hour single. This is more than a little strange. I can’t find them anywhere – I’ve gone through CD folders, blank CD cases, the glove box in my car etc. Tomorrow I’m going to have to go through my desk at work. I don’t cope so well with the idea of owning cases without CDs but I have no idea where the hell they could be.

  9. I’m gonna try for bed before 11PM. I know! Amazing.

From above your head a thing can be read

I was looking at the MySpace page for Augie March tonight. In my defence, I was making sure they were streaming One Crowded Hour from there because I’m badgering Californian Chris to listen to their music.

While looking around I came across possibly the most entertaining thing I’ve read on a MySpace page ever – the tour diary for the last AM tour.

This is the second night of a two-show residency at the famous Brisbane grunge attic. The previous evening had ended with a bottle of vermouth being passed from lip to lip and an amicable debate about the merits of Dave using a metronome as a guide to start each song at the correct tempo. Glenn argues that the drummer should let his passion and mood for the impending song dictate its speed rather than a pre-configured algorithm, and slips in the barb People have said you are a very straight rhythm section.

Tonight the metronome is placed in cotton wool and Dave bursts onto stage cloaked in robes of passion and mood. The first three songs are unleashed at a pace so frighteningly impassioned that riffs are truncated, structures upended and Glenn is required to chop lines from verses, words from lines and syllables from words. The singer does not require a metronome to set the tempo for the torrent of expletive-riddled bile he hoses on his drummer. Glenn, do you remember the conversation we had in the hotel last night? Dave calmly enquires. Yes, and I told you I don’t go for guys with mutton-chops comes the reply as quick as anything heard on the stage all night.

A lot of the entries made me laugh out loud.

The one where she drives herself completely ’round the bend

Since Friday I’ve been running out of toothpaste. Every evening and every morning I think DAMN, I really must go to the supermarket. Yet, I get in the car and drive straight to/from work/wherever. This morning, after I’d used my nail scissors to cut the bottom off the tube to dredge out whatever toothpaste was left, I thought to myself that it was really getting ridiculous.

So tonight I finally went to the supermarket.

Invariably I always end up at Coles in Windsor, because it’s sort of on the way to/from everywhere and not part of any other annoying or scary shopping mall. It’s crazy, because every time I go in there I get annoyed and a little bit sad that they don’t have diet Sunkist (for all you uninitiated types out there, this is really the only sugar-free soft drink [apart from diet Coke which I’m valiantly trying to give up] worth giving a damn about. Fer serious). Stupid thing is, you’d think after around the 10th time of going into that supermarket and looking for it I’d have cottoned on. But no.

I am writing about groceries because there is some massive, massive family stuff I have going on right now that I can’t bring myself to write about. When I do I just get sad and dark, and the futility of any action I can think of right now is making it a little hard to deal with. Sometimes, as much as it tears you up, there is nothing you can do. It’s up to people to help themselves.

Added to this, I’m holding a small, valuable something for someone, as well as a big, fat secret. I’ll be a bit glad when I can let go of them both.

I was thinking tonight, driving home from Espa??ol, how lucky I am with the friends I have. When I got that phone call last week, my first thought was to speak to Hellen. So I did. She is perfect for validating what I feel and making sure I know it’s okay to be upset. Then, the next day when the red hot emotion was gone and I needed feedback on a course of action, I called Angela. She has a completely emotionless way of looking at problems, and I desperately need that right now. We’re catching up on Sunday and she’ll help me look at things in a balanced, unbiased way. Really, as much as Hell is my best friend, they compliment each other perfectly.

I’m a lucky girl.


So a little while ago I mentioned that I thought the new single by The Killers was a bit blah. I’m here right now openly saying that I was wrong.

I’ve heard it perhaps 4 or 5 times now, and I’m a little bit in love with it. Yes it’s definitely The Killers, and this track would be at home on Hot Fuss so it’s not really breaking any new ground, but it’s still glorious. I’ve gone from not really giving a rats about it to being really excited about hearing it again. It’s just one of those songs I guess.

I’m not convinced I’ll buy the new album, but I’ll listen to this one track a lot more and I’ll keep an ear out for the next single.

I’ve spent at least 2 hours tonight staring at and trying to memorize freaking Spanish verb tables. It’s the thing I’m struggling with, but I think a lot of it is to do with the fact that I hate (HATE) verb tables and as a result avoid them like the plague. So tonight I was super tough with myself and recited Spanish verbs out loud to myself until I went cross eyed. I almost feel like I got somewhere, but I guess only tomorrow night will tell.

Today was most definitely spring. I’m in two minds about that – it means the year is spinning by at a ridiculous rate, but it also means the weather is getting warmer. It was rejuvenating to lie in the grass with the weak late winter sun beating down. If the weather is as good next weekend I might take a longer drive and head out to Blaxland or Govett’s Leap or something.

Tomorrow tomorrow

I got static in my head
The reflected sound of everything tried to go to where it led
But it didn’t lead to anything
The noise is coming out
And if it’s not out now
I know it’s just about to drown tomorrow out

– Elliott Smith??

It’s funny – you can know something’s coming; you can fully expect it to happen and have even spoken about it at length. Yet, when it’s actually put in motion the reality of it hits you square in the face.

Dad is not well. Actually, it’s worse than that. The ramifications of that phone call tonight mean the start of months or perhaps years of worry and frustration and decisions.

One thing I can be thankful for, though, is I don’t feel so alone in it now. Around 2 years ago there was no one else in the family shouldering any of this stuff. The brother, it turns out, has very big shoulders. He has his mind and heart on it. The relief I’m feeling from that is palpable.

I’m not making it to that LOA gig tomorrow night. I’m a lot disappointed about it, but it probably wouldn’t be smart. I have Augie March Friday night, and I’m still coughing like an old man every time I talk/eat/move/breathe. More sleep for the rest of this week, not less, would probably be smart.

On that note???