A nervous tick motion of the head to the left

One of the main drawbacks of living here is the showerhead. I’m all for water conservation, I’m all for recycling and I honestly do believe the peak oil argument has its merits. But FFS, when I shower, I want to be WET. I want the water pouring out and I want to be covered in it. And quickly.

My showerhead, physically, is around 1 inch in diameter. It pushes water out at roughly the speed of light, which probably means that by now, due to the constant bombardment of needle thin high pressured water, I have skin like the hide of a buffalo.

Anyway, I finally have found a use for the crappiest showerhead in the world. When you have something very wrong with your neck and/or shoulder (I’m sure I’ll find out what exactly at the physio on Wednesday morning) and as a result are in some amount of pain, hot, hard water is the best thing ever. I just stood under that high pressured heat for around 40 minutes, with it boring into that curve where my neck meets my shoulder. My skin is stinging and I’m all red, but I have more movement in that side of my upper body than I’ve had in two days.

I’m making the most of this shizzat – I’m taking my Nurofen and my book and I’m going to bed.

This which makes me sing

I have spent far too much money this weekend to be placing orders online, but the potential joy from all this is making me giddy –

Order No: 211595
Order Date/Time: Oct 29 2006 10:43PM
The following items are currently being processed


Artist: Devotchka
Title: How It Ends
Description: Music – Compact Disc

Description: Music – Compact Disc

Artist: The Mountain Goats
Title: Bitter Melon Farm
Description: Music – Compact Disc

Artist: The Mountain Goats
Title: Ghana
Description: Music – Compact Disc

Artist: The Mountain Goats
Title: Protein Source of the Future Now
Description: Music – Compact Disc

Artist: SPOON
Description: Music – Compact Disc

Title: Twin Cinema
Description: Music – Compact Disc

Artist: REM
Title: UP
Description: Music – Compact Disc

ARIAs commentary

Because I know I’m not the only one who cares and pretends they don’t.

  • The dude from Wolfmother needs elocution lessons.

  • Jackie O has the strangest facial features of anyone I have ever seen ever.

  • Human Nature are everywhere. They get the prize for the most persistently crap group there ever was. Also, I don’t think there has been a time in the last 2 years that I have seen them in the media (and being the media whores they are, that’s a fair amount) where they haven’t been in those bright blue retro suits. Guys, give it up. We get it. You’re MOTOWN.

  • The Veronica’s – auto tune = train wreck.

  • For some reason the fact that they had Dave Hughes presenting with Jesse McCartney makes me laugh out loud.

  • That performance by Human Nature is the campest thing I’ve ever seen from 4 (supposedly) heterosexual men.

  • Even though they beat Augie March to the punch about 93287482 times, I’m consoling myself with the fact that a Wolfmother whitewash is a fuckton better than a Veronica’s whitewash.

  • Iva Davies got old.

  • Bono I love you and all your socially inspired passion. See you in November.

  • Dude from Midnight Oil who isn’t Peter Garrett – best acceptance speech EVER.



Ring ring.


‘Hi!’ It was Mum. ‘What are you doing this weekend?’

‘Stuff. Why, what’s up?’

‘I’m coming to Sydney! I’ll be there in around 6 hours!’

‘Um, great!’

Cue panic.

It’s nice though. And she’s doing my washing.


The head’s all fucked up yo. There’s something about talking to a person on the phone who knows you too freakin’ well who calls you on stuff and makes you think outside of that comfy little square you’ve stuck your thoughts in. And I don’t even know what the problem is. I can recognise all the stuff manifesting from it – in the relationships I build, in the way I go about stuff at work, in the way I’m sleeping (or not) right now. Still, I can’t quite put my finger on it. I can’t quite articulate why my head’s a mess. The hours I’m working are probably not helping.

To be honest, I’m a little sick of myself. I need a break from me. Or, at least, the me that I am from day to day to day. Perhaps that time on the weekend is not such a bad idea. Maybe I’ll take a drive.

I decided today, that at the end of the year, I’m going to do a run down of the top 5 or 10 live gigs I’ve been to this year. One of the things I set out to achieve in 2006 was seeing as much live music as possible, and it’s something I’ve done pretty well with. I started it tonight, but there are some late contenders coming up that might make it to the top 10 with a bolt. I try not to have too many expectations about these things though, so we’ll see.

Bed now though. There are hotels to visit and conferences to organise tomorrow. Ugh!

Glory be

Ahaha what an interesting phone call. Damn right I was snappy today – people are stupid, I am tired, and I’m working too hard. But she said that; all of that. And I have orders to do nothing all weekend. Actually, anything so long as it’s not work. This might be the first time she’s said anything like that to me ever – perhaps I should have recorded the phone call for posterity. Also, she actually thanked me for kicking her ass about these vision meetings and being militant about keeping her on track. Sometimes I feel like a photographer constantly shaking a toy in the face of a child to maintain her attention. Tonight she said that all this is actually helping, and she feels more focused than she has felt in around 9 months. This is really something and I feel somehow validated.

I’m writing this post on the craptop, using Wordpad and no spell check, because the wanky new laptop is in my office at work. It’s great having one that I can actually use for work stuffs, but it also means remembering to pick up the MF before I leave.

Oh and Dan Kelly is hot. And adorably awkward.

That is all.