In other news

• Beriut are coming!
• And so are Iron and Wine!
• My poor bank account!!
• This rain is lovely.
• But it needs to stop on Sunday for Newtown Festival, because slushing around in the mud with 29,837,298,371 people is not really my idea of fun.
• I don’t really have time to be posting this, given I’m at work and today dealing with some really fucking painful people, but anyway. It’s Friday and I won’t get a chance to post again now until Sunday night.
• I’m doin’ the happy dance.
• Well, the happy chair dance, because right now I’m seated.
• But it’s a swivel chair so it works better than you might think.
• My stomach is loudly reminding me that I haven’t had lunch yet.
• I’m listening to Okkervil River, and if it were possible to be having a love affair with someone’s voice then Me + Will Sheff’s voice = <3.
• Okay enough of this procrastination.
• Have a great weekend everyone 🙂

I’m big on faces, that is, ‘cept for mine

I just do not know what to think about this Facebook thing.

This is not a rage against internet communication and/or social networking by the way. I’m hardly in the place to do something like that and I’m not about to – I have much to thank the intertron for. It’s more me coming to terms with my inherent dislike of pointless small talk and shallow acquaintances. And something like Facebook makes shit like that almost impossible to avoid.

I’ve never been very good with peer pressure. I mean, if I think something it utterly ridiculous and/or downright horrible then I’ve no issue with saying hell no. But if something is more or less harmless and there is badgering (or in this case e-badgering) then I fold like a card house. And the insidious thing with this Facebook stuff is you have to be part of the machine to even observe it – it’s all up registration or nothin’.

While I am certain all these movie quizzes and ‘iLike’ results and what not are being fed into some huge government statistics machine somewhere, that isn’t at all what bothers me. When your actual friends are on there (like, YOUR people) then it can be kinda fun mucking about with that stuff. And I’m never against a good procrastination tool. What does make me a bit uneasy though it that it completely takes away your anonymity. And I’m a girl who, at times, likes an amount of anonymity.

I’ve been a firm believer of the fact that school (high school, particularly) is a survival mission disguised as education. At least, in a lot of ways it was for me. Not that I didn’t have any friends – I really did. But I think when you’re at school you 9 times out of 10 make situation friends. People you have fuck all in common with, but that you can tolerate on a day to day basis. Because you have to be friends with someone, right? This is all terribly cynical and of course there are exceptions to the rule, but there is a grand total of 2 people I stay in touch with from school – one pretty regularly, and the other one at Christmas. There’s a good reason for this, and a good reason why I let the others slip away. It was either awkward, for a hundred different reasons, or they just were not my kind of people at all. I kinda liked the idea that I’d slipped into the great wide world, and carved out a pretty successful place in it, without any of those people knowing who or where I was.

But there are all sorts of people coming out of the woodwork now. People I was more than happy to leave behind. And it makes me wonder why the hell they want to be friends on even an imaginary internet level when at school they barely knew who I was? Is it just curiosity that makes them hit the ‘friend’ button? Because the thing that gets me with this stuff is it’s not about creating a dialogue of any kind. With most of these people I get a friend request without any sort of email or message, and then out of the blue I’ll get a ‘such and such wants you to rate their hotness with the hotness application!’.

Wait, what? Maybe I’m an old fashioned sort of girl but I’d prefer to say hi to someone before they ask me to rate their hotness on a scale of 1 to 10.

And just say you get one of these friend requests out of the blue, from someone you shared practically nothing but a post code with for part of your life. Do you ignore it? Does that make you an e-snob? It’d be different if they said hi or howareya or something.

I just don’t know. I find all this internet networking stuff really fascinating, but now I’m participating in it I have questions, damn it. Is my life any better now that I know that the girl I once shared a netball team with is married with two kids and lives in Port Macquarie? Now that I can make contact with the guy who used to throw dusters at peoples heads during English, am I going to actually take advantage of that? Not likely.

There’s also a small part of me that’s still that 15 year old girl who is forever trying to be brave enough to even talk to people. The very quiet arty/horsey girl who didn’t really speak unless she was spoken to. I want to believe none of the disquiet in me about alla this stems from that, but who the hell knows. I guess you can never really run away from or bury your 15 year old self.

All of this is completely my fault by the way. I clicked the JOIN button when someone sent me an invitation to join the class of ’94 group. Incidentally, the members of the ‘I can’t quite come to terms with my attraction to Lateline’s Tony Jones’ and ‘All Hail the Mountain Goats’ groups give me a lot less trouble. Soul mates, all of them.

I got the music in me

Today felt like summer. It was a perfectly blue day in Sydney town, and the perfect day for wandering along the coastline looking at art in the outdoors.

The little bit of sunburn is so worth it.

I’d invite you all to take a gander at my upcoming gig list over to the left there. Every time I read it I feel a little light headed.

Yes, that’s two nights of most everything for Sydney Festival. Hooray! Except for the National. There’s 3 nights there. I’m going in and I’m going hard. The 3 National nights are more to do with a contingency plan in the case of the yet unannounced Arcade Fire side show rather than anything else. I was listening to 2007 on Triple J tonight driving home from the city and Win let slip that there WILL be one. In Sydney at least. COME ON people, fer serious. Announce already. Shit’s getting ridiculous. And can I just say that due to the awesomeness of my Sydney Festival ticket purchaser, I will be sitting FRONT ROW on the 3rd night the National play in Sydney? I might die.

They’re playing in a recital hall. That National that is. I really hope the vibe isn’t weird. If they play Mr November I can’t imagine doing anything else other than standing and yelling ‘I WON’T FUCK THIS OVER’ over and over again with a whole bunch of other crazy National fans. But we’ll see I guess.

Another wonderful weekend. This week at work I need to dig deep for some patience. But I have Bill Callahan and wonderful company to look forward to on Wednesday, and then a great plus plus weekend coming up. Newtown Festival Sunday. I just love Newtown Festival. And some of my favourite Sydney bands (the Paper Scissors and Dead Letter Chorus) are playing.

So yeah. This week will fly by. I just know it.


I’d never actually heard James Blunt speak until around 5 minutes ago.

God damn, dude. You might want to work on the whiney with the talking as well as the singing because that is just not right.



I just. I really don’t…

Holy cow.

Remember this little post? It was a cry out to the indie universe to give us something, anything, to get us through the summer without feeling like all those international bands we love to love had forgotten Australia existed. When Arcade Fire announced for the BDO this year, and the National announced a trip down under, it felt a little like said universe was throwing us a bone. Not a great big one, mind, but something to keep us (well, me) from being all whiney. Because it had been a loooooong time since anything big had been announced.

Holy cow. Little did I know.

Let’s recap, shall we? Sydney Festival announcement today. The following is nowhere near a comprehensive list of what was announced today, but it’s what made ME lightheaded and stop breathing for a solid hour this morning –

• Sufjan Stevens playing 3 nights at the State Theatre.
• Andrew Bird playing 3 nights and the MF SPIEGALTENT.
• Joanna Newsom PLUS the Sydney Symphony Orchestra playing 2 nights at THE OPERA HOUSE.
• The National playing 3 nights at Angel Place (in a recital hall I know nothing about).

And this is not even MENTIONING the whole Don’t Look Back Sonic Youth and Low thing. Gah.

And can I just give a massive double thumbs up plus plus to the organisers of Sydney Festival!??! Not only have they delivered what I believe to be the best capital city festival line up ever seen in this country ever, they have managed to keep the majority of it under wraps until official announcement. Quite a feat I’d imagine.

And I’m still reeling from that St Jerome’s announcement.

And PJ Harvey and MF WILCO are coming too, apparently.

Holy shit.

I’m not sure I can make it through to March 2008 without my head completely exploding. Actually, I gotta wind this up because I think I might go and pass out for a bit.

Brace yourself, Sydney blogosphere. We’re in for one hellava ride.