Dear Universe,

You and I, we’re not on speaking terms right now, dig? I am currently sitting at this here laptop alternately wheezing and coughing, while typing a letter to YOU. My lovely man is currently at Manning Bar, probably watching Pikelet, the support for BEIRUT. And when Zach Condon takes the stage, I will still be here, and not there, next to him. Where I should be.

And I’m aware this is a no win situation for you. If I wake up in the morning feeling better then I will probably start thinking I could have gone tonight without falling into a heaving, wheezing mess and thus I will curse you. And if I DON’T feel better tomorrow, well, then, I’ll be clearly swearing at you anyway.

At least this has given me a chance to catch up on episodes of Antiques Roadshow, South Park, and Property Ladder.

Yours in quiet, seething hate,


P.S. Please make sure the boy has a great time tonight and that the gig is awesome.

P.P.S. But please not too awesome because if he says it was OMG THE GIG OF HIS LIFETIME and I wasn’t there I’ll cry.

The one where she vents her spleen

The things currently frustrating this girl –

• The Australian cricket team. FFS people.
• Tony Grieg. Who knew it was humanly possible to be as annoying as this man is.
• Being sick.
• Being sick with on Beirut tomorrow night.
• Nearly being out of mineral water. I have like 2 mouthfuls left and then I’m going to have to go to a supermarket. Bah!
• Spending all night writing a post and then reading it and hating every single word.
• TV ads. Especially the ones involving mobile phones that can predict the love of your life.
• Or the ones where you can take your own photo on your mobile phone and email it to somewhere and they’ll tell you which member of the Australian cricket team you look most like. WTF???!

I’m taking my crankypants and I’m going to bed.

1 2 3 4 gigs in a row for CFGHQ

Okay, so I’m going to make an attempt at posting about the music I saw last week. This is possibly a little misguided given the plague that is currently gripping my body, but oh well. It for once gives me an excuse for any typos or grammatical errors and any mindless rambling. For this post at least.

It’s a little difficult, given the amount of Sydney blog action in the last week or so, to come up with new things to say about these gigs. Particularly given my less-than-punctual posting about these things. But I’m writing anyway, because really this here thing is a record for myself as much as anything.

This week the whole world was in love with Canada. And more specifically musicians from Canada. There was just so much love in the air this week – from songwriters and musicians and also from fans. It was a beautiful thing.

TUESDAY – I’ve already written a little about the magic of Stars. I was utterly, utterly charmed.

WEDNESDAY – I’m not actually sure I can articulate properly what the Okkervil River gig meant to me on Wednesday night. I had so much anticipation for it – dangerous amounts actually. The kind of anticipation one should only hold for given awesome things like listening to Up The Wolves for the 1,243rd time or Cadbury Crème Eggs. So it was with some trepidation that I made it to the Manning Bar on Wednesday night. I also had one of those annoying nights/afternoons where work was shitty and traffic was shitty and I was beginning to feel a bit under the weather and the money wouldn’t go into the parking meter and blah blah.

Anyway, by the time I made it into the gig I’d got rid of most of the crank (with some help from the boy who’s gallant attempts at silliness eventually worked) and I was pretty ready for OR to rock me out. And I’m here to tell you that no amount of anticipation could be too much for this gig. Here’s a statement for you –

Second best live experience for this fangirl Of. All. Time. And that’s quite a call I can tell you.

This band is really special to me, and that night was everything I could have wished for. This night will get more from me here but not tonight.

THURSDAYBroken Social Scene have been very, very high on my ‘must see live’ list for a long time. Actually, ever since A) I first heard Ibi Dreams of Pavement in a rental car in the city being driven to(or from, I can’t remember) the AGNSW with a certain out of towner and B) hearing every single person who attended the gig at the Metro last year saying different variations of ‘OMG this gig changed my life.’ So I went in with certain, lofty expectations. And also a pounding, smashing headache. I think both of these things meant that it just missed the mark for me.

Don’t get me wrong – I had a world of fun. Kevin Drew himself was worth the price of admission alone, and they played Superconnected which I LOVE. Still, the gig started with horrible sound, and there’s some contention about this but I don’t think the sound was ever great, even after they took a break to fix it. The set from Laneway on Sunday was a WHOLE other thing though. A whole other awesome thing. But then that’s another post for another day. Tomorrow I hope.

FRIDAY – As much as I love The Reminder, and as much as I was aware of Feist‘s terrifically high indie cred, I had the least expectations for this gig. I’m not sure why, but I think I unconsciously expected an hour and 15 minutes of a The Reminder heavy set of light and playful pop numbers, inter-dispersed with a bit of pleasant chit chat. I’m not sure I could have been more wrong.

What we were presented with on Friday night was a set of amazing depth from an artist with phenomenal talent (and that VOICE), combined with a real artistic experience. From the very outset, with the lantern being picked up from the projection at the back of the stage, and her tip-toeing out on stage like a little girl lost in the woods with a lit lantern, looking for inspiration in the dark, she had me utterly. I forgot about how unwell I felt, and how tired I was, and the (very generous) 2 hour long set flew by. And the overhead projections onto the screen at the back of the stage were thoughtful and complimented the music beautifully. And they were SO PRETTY. And she is so pretty. And so amazingly charming. And really, I just love her. So that’s all I have to say about that.

Some general notes:

• Enough of the festivals and sideshows for now please. Right now I’m sitting here in my Death Cab hoodie with bed socks on trying to counteract the siege my tired and worn out body is under. Beirut on Wednesday, so I gotta get well!!
• Again – can someone please invent a teleporter?! Although, having said that I’m getting increasingly paranoid about my microwave, so even if someone invented one I’m not sure I’d use it. I guess I’ll stick to contributing to carbon emissions the old fashioned way for now.
• I’d like to thank the weather gods for not raining on Sunday. That would have really, really sucked.
• Oh, wait, we’re not writing about Sunday yet.
• Manning Bar, so far, has failed to impress me as a venue. Wednesday night the sound and lighting were great. Thursday night the sound was debatably terrible, but the lighting was at least equally so. What is it with all these lighting people (at more than one venue) not lighting the lead singer or artist at all? We pay money to SEE these people as well as hear them.
• Please sort your shit out before April, Manning Bar people, because if the Mountain Goats gig sucks because of any of this stuff then I’ll be very, very cranky.
• And no one wants that.
• Having said that I’m not convinced that whole Explosions in the Sky thing wasn’t an artistic decision from the band. Cause even though the lighting was crap for photos, it kinda worked with the music. For me at least.
• Wait, that was a couple of weeks ago. I didn’t write about that one, did I. Well, for the record, it was pretty awesome.
• And so comes the rambling. You’d think after over 2 years of this blog thing I’d be better at that by now. But see, not so much. Probably my queue to go to bed I reckon.

Makes sense really


I’m not sure about the MySpace thing. I will tell you this, though – when you find out that out there in the real world there are actual, flesh and blood people who not only know who the Mountain Goats are, but who go to the live shows and who can sing Going To Georgia word for word at the top of their lungs, well, then, that makes you feel a whole lot less lonely.

I have blogging to thank for a lot more than that though. Also, Sydney music bloggers are just out and out lovely people. At least all the ones that I have met.

I will post tonight about Laneway and the amazing week of music that was Tuesday to Friday last week. If I can get past my pounding head and rapidly descending chest infection, that is.