I walk on to another day

On a day when everything is f-u-c-k-e-d and it feels a little like the collective cosmic karma of the world is fighting against you, it is important to remind yourself of the Good Things –

• The boy. And sanctuary. And knowing I’m not on my own. For such a long time I felt so, SO on my own. But now there’s someone (wonderful) in my corner and that makes me the happiest girl in the world.
• Modest Mouse. I know they will play mostly from Good News and We Were Dead, but I will still have an amazing time.
• Michael Gow plays on Saturdays.
• Talk of terrace houses and villages and walls full of CDs.
• Seriously – is there any song ever written that is as happy and infectious as Float On? I challenge anyone to find one.
• We’ll all float on, okay?
• Craving chocolate and finding, in the pantry, the BERTIE BEATLE show bag that you picked up when you went to the Easter show. Hooray for Bertie Beatle!

I will also keep telling myself the following things –

• Some people are just insane. And there’s nothing that can be done about that.
• Just because you’re surrounded by insanity, it doesn’t mean you need to be drawn into it.
• No matter how hard the fuckers try.
• Just because most women are crazy about weddings and wedding dresses, you should not feel odd because you are not.
• Go to bed before 11. Okay?

It’s not that hard people

Ben has written a guide to gig etiquette that is not only extremely well written and pretty hilarious, it should be MANDATORY reading for any person attending any gig anywhere.

Actually, I have a proposal. Let’s send a copy of this thing out in hard and/or electronic format to anyone who makes a ticket booking via Ticketek, Ticketmaster, Moshtix, Heatseaker or any venue everywhere in the country.

I am still alive. Just in case you were wondering. I’m drowning at work, and when I get home my brain has nothing left. I’ll tell you how bad it’s getting – last night when I got home I actually watched two episodes of Project Runway. In a row. And I enjoyed them. If that’s not a surefire sign of some sort of brain atrophy then I don’t know what is.