I will try and shake away this disease

I had a bit of a dummy spit this week. I stopped responding to emails, stopped answering my phone, stopping posting here and stopped responding to most text messages. It’s like I have this level of tolerance for the human race that hangs on by a very small thread. Then, something will happen to completely reinforce why I usually lack patience with people, and the dummy gets spat.

I did eventually get over myself though 😉

People can be hurtful without really meaning to be. Also, if I use self-depreciating humour a lot of the time, I can’t expect other people not to see that as an open invitation to give me their own opinion on my life. Worse than that, though, is the truth in what they might say. Regardless of how harshly it was put, if you react so badly to something someone says to you, there must be an element of truth in it, right? I don’t know. I need to put some thought into that.

I have a whole day stretching ahead of me. Really, I can do what I like with it, but there are a few things I ought to get done. Like washing clothes and my car, I should go to the bank, and I need to go pick up a few things. All stuff I don’t get a chance to do during the week.

Work has been NUTS. It took me hours to get away last night – taking 2 days off is asking for it really. My problem is, I can’t just walk away. If I didn’t stay back and get all that shit done, I would spend the next 4 days stressing. And who wants that?

Aha there was just the most awesome thing on the news. Alexander Downer (that’s not the awesome part, by the way) was talking to Kerry O’Brien ABC news about the AWB wheat thing. He said ‘Somebody, at the end of this whole inquest, is going to eat a lot of humble pie’, and then he stopped, his eyes glazed over, and you could practically see the Homer-esque thought bubble by his head with Homer going ‘MMMM HUMBLE PIE’. Ahaha, it took him like 2 seconds to right himself and then he went ‘Yes. Humble pie.’ Nice one Alex.

I should really go put some washing on before I head out. The weather isn’t so great though for drying it. And I need food!

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