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So I ended up going into work tonight until 11:30PM. It sounds worse than it is, because I didn’t actually get there until 5. I slept in this morning (later than I have in a looooong time, which was nice) and then I had a lot of stuff to do today. Good news is I actually got everything done tonight that I needed to, so I can not worry all day tomorrow. And I get Tuesday off too – YEY! 😀

Our office makes funky noises after 10PM. It was really cold tonight, so I had my office door closed and the heater on. Because I was the only one there, all the lights were off in the rest of the office and I was the only square of light. When I’m there on my own in the evening the boss insists on me locking the front and back doors from the inside, which is probably smart. I swear to God though, tonight I kept hearing that back door open. I had music on (which I always do) so to begin with I wasn’t quite sure. The first time I heard it I actually ignored it, because the only way you can get in through that back door when it’s closed is with a key, and I assumed Debbie or someone had dropped in. Then, after about 5 minutes when she hadn’t put her head round my door I went out looking for her. No one was there, and the back door was firmly shut.

About 45 minutes later, same thing, only this time I got up to look. Still the back door was closed. It happened about 4 times and each time I was so sure the noise was that door. In the end, as retarded as it is, I turned all the lights on at the back of the office, including the outside light. I figured that way if I was going to be accosted or haunted I could at least see them coming.

I’ve listened to a lot of Beck today. Inadvertently, really. At work tonight I was scrolling through iTunes the way you do when you decide you’re sick to death of everything you’ve been listening to the last two weeks. I accidentally double clicked on Beck, and when E-Pro started belting through the speakers my face broke into an involuntary grin. I played Guero through twice, and tonight since I’ve got home there has been a lot of Beck on Rage. Soulwax are guest programming and they’re obviously fans.

Bed now. Tomorrow will be all about the cleaning and the washing and the emailing. There are three (not work) people I owe emails to, and it’s important I send them. Tomorrow is the day.

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