Let’s toast to the lists that we hold in our fists

It’s only Monday and I’ve already worked near two days worth. That’s what happens when you want to take a day off. I got a lot done today though, so I’m feeling rather virtuous.

Things I should do before I go to bed –

???? ???? –?????????????? Write a shopping list.
???? ???? –?????????????? Shower.
???? ???? –?????????????? Clean my teeth.
???? ???? –?????????????? Wash up.
???? ???? –?????????????? Take my washing off the line.

Things I will get done before I go to bed –

???? ?????? –?????????????? Probably none of those things other than the teeth cleaning and the shower.

Things to do tomorrow –

?????? –?????????????? Sleep in.
?????????????? Avoid my phone. I HAVE CALLER ID, FUCKERS!
?????????????? Go grocery shopping (if I can find a supermarket that’s open).
?????????????? Get out of my pyjamas at some point.
?????????????? Do a water change in my fish tank.
?????????????? Clean my car.
?????????????? Not think about work.

Things that will probably not get done tomorrow –

???? ???? –?????????????? The getting out of pyjamas thing.
???? ???? –?????????????? Hence, as a result of that, very few of the rest of those things.

CDs I will listen to for the first time ever tomorrow –

?????? –?????????????? Summerteeth – Wilco
?????????????? The Moon and Antarctica – Modest Mouse
?????????????? Funeral – The Arcade Fire

Things to do this week –

???? ???? –?????????????? Find a way to not let work completely take over my life.
???? ???? –?????????????? Get a pink slip done for my car.
???? ???? –?????????????? Register and insure my car.
???? ???? –?????????????? KoRn on Thursday.
???? ???? –?????????????? Prepare for the training session on Saturday morning.
???? ???? –?????????????? Augie March on Saturday.

Things to do this year –

???? ???? –?????????????? Reclaim my weekends.
???? ???? –?????????????? Drive between Melbourne and Adelaide.
???? ???? –?????????????? Finish The Satanic Verses by Salman Rushdie.
???? ???? –?????????????? Face facts about myself and my life and the way the world sees me. I am confident of getting at least this one done, because I am already part of the way there.

Things to do before I die –

???? ???????? –?????????????? Live.
???? ???? –?????????????? Love.

Lists I have written today (apart from those above) –

?????? –?????????????? A list of the lists I need to make.
?????????????? A list of urgent jobs at work.
?????????????? A list of not-so-urgent jobs at work.
?????????????? A list of errands to run tomorrow (today, now).
?????????????? A list of around the house stuff I want to get done over the next couple of weeks.
?????????????? A list of the gigs I’ve been to over the last 18 months (that was a fun one!)
?????????????? A list of the CDs I want to put on my iPod next week.

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