Falling away from me

n. pl. tin??ni??tus??es

A sound in one ear or both ears, such as buzzing, ringing, or whistling, usually caused by a specific condition, such as an ear infection, the use of certain drugs, a blocked auditory tube or canal, or a head injury.

Or, a Korn concert. I hope my hearing recovers before I go see Augie March tomorrow night.

It was unlike anything I’ve ever seen. I’ve never been to a big stadium metal concert like that – they’ve all been in smaller venues or at festivals. Both of those have their merits, but I can honestly say there’s nothing like being part of a sweaty, heaving throng of people all moving to the same pounding drums, grinding guitar and guttural vocals. And every one with their fist in the air.

The Superdome is a good venue. I’ve been there around 4 times now (I can’t remember exactly, maybe more than that). Once was when Mum and I went to see some Spanish dancing horses show, and the place was about 2 thirds empty, which was weird. And then once when I was with Dad and we went to see The Eagles – completely opposite experience in that it was packed to the rafters and rocking.

This time though, it was pretty much full. I think the upper most level was empty, but they had it covered with heavy red drapes so it was hard to tell. They’d split GA into two sections to stop crushing and they had some kind of 1st and 2nd class GA thing going – you could only get into the first cattle crush if you had the right coloured wristband. There was a lot of security there, and a lot of ‘catchers’ who were solely there to stop the heads of the crowd surfers hitting the ground when they reached the front of the crush. Because of the internal design of the building it felt like we were part of this big bowl of heaving, screaming life that culminated at the centre with the mosh pit. From our vantage point it was pretty awesome to see.

We had really great seats – close to the stage (maybe 40 metres away) in the first row of reserved seating. We were elevated maybe a metre and a half off the ground and the only thing separating us from the mosh was a rail and security guards. We had an amazing view of the stage and we were able to look out over the whole thing.

The music was great, but the visual to me was the best part of the whole night. When you put strobe lighting on a crowd that size, and every one of them throws both fists in the air, it’s like something from some weird sci-fi or war movie. We were a worshiping mass at the altar of Korn.

Aha, I am so metal.

For the first track there was only the 4 of them, but they still had curtains over a lot of the stage. Then, when the curtains pulled back it revealed maybe 4 more musicians (a keyboard player/mixer, another guitarist, a percussionist and a back ground vocalist who also helped with percussion). All the musicians that weren’t Korn were wearing different masks and formal attire.

They played a lot of the obvious tracks, a lot from the new album, and they played Shoots and Ladders which I got a little excited about. Particularly as he came out from the dark stage into the light wearing a kilt, playing the bagpipes. That was awesome. OH and my favourite part of the whole stage setup? The percussion set. Holy crap! Huge drums, massive gongs, ginormous wind chime looking things that needed to be beat with a big stick. Also, there was this large sheet of metal, suspended from the whole setup, that they kept beating with a mallet. It made the most insanely intense sound.

No wonder my ears are ringing.

As awesome as it was, it didn’t really help the perpetual headache I’ve had all week. It’s weird, because I NEVER get headaches. I know a lot of people have trouble with them, and if you’ve got sinus issues or whatever they can pretty much plague you, but I genuinely never get them. Sometimes my eyes get sore, and sometimes I have trouble focusing, but never the throbbing head.

I have had this pounding, drilling pain behind both my eyes for 2 days now. It could be lack of sleep (because lord knows, at some point that’s got to catch up with me) or it could be just general fatigue. If I added up the hours I’ve done the last couple of weeks I’m probably do myself in, so I’d better not. I’ve had a couple of very late nights here too, and I’m never one for just going straight to bed when I get home.

I guess, when you think about it, in the last 2 months I’ve had trips to Wagga, people staying (squatting) for weeks, music festivals, a birthday, various other music gigs, a job that is more a circus than a workplace and a fairly full-on exam. And I’m sure that’s not all. It’s no wonder my body is saying enough already.

I need to try for a decent amount of sleep tonight because tomorrow night promises to be a big one. I’m really looking forward to this gig. I can’t sleep in in the morning either, because I have to run a training session at work from 9 to 12. God damn!

Whose idea was it to start a freaking trainee mentoring program anyway??!! Wait, that’s right, it was mine. And now that it’s coming together and we have people converging from all over the place expecting to be taught how to mentor other trainees, I guess I should show. Oh well.

Aha, one good thing that happened today? My car got cleaned by 2 very bored Ukrainians. They’re waiting to head to a job tomorrow and asked if they could do it. I don’t think my car has ever been so clean. I gave them some money in the end because I felt really bad about how dirty it was. They were stoked.

Also, I’ve been paying Artem out all day about his ring tone. I mean, ring tones as a rule generally suck, and I’m all for just having one that you can hear that doesn’t burst your eardrums rather than something that plays It’s Gettin’ Hot In Here by Nelly. Artem’s, though, is the Dance of the Sugarplum Fairies from the Nutcracker. Every time I hear his phone ring I end up creased up with laughter. I just love that this macho Ukrainian guy, who insists on doing all the lifting, changing all the light bulbs and opening all the doors, has a ring tone like that.

He’s learning quickly that in Australia if people pay you out it’s because they like you. I was trying to convince him today that if I didn’t like him I’d have ignored his ring tone altogether.

I’m not sure he’s buying it.

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