And to this I said OH WELL

Hawkesbury Show + Hawkesbury Group 2 race day + caravan and camping fair = mother fucking traffic chaos. A 5 minute trip to Richmond and back just took me 45 minutes.

Augie March tonight though!!! YEY! 😀

Also, HOLY MOTHER OF GOD lookie here at the line-up for Splendour in the Grass. It sucks so much ass that I will probably find no one who will go with me. I’ve already checked with James etc. and they’re not going, and without even speaking to Hell I know it won’t fly. It’ll be tough, because it will involve taking leave and a bit of driving and a lot of camping (and money – it will cost a lot of money). Still, I am not giving up on the idea just yet.

I’m guessing, anyway, that Death Cab and a lot of the other bands will be doing side shows. A girl can hope at least. Although, then comes the fun of finding someone will go see Death Cab for Cutie with me.

Yeah. I’m wishing myself good luck with that one too.

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