Is there splendour

I’ve been excited for a little while about the new Hulu series Shrill, staring Aidy Bryant. And not just because Carrie Brownstein directed an episode.

It’s really, really rare to see a plus sized woman front and centre in TV or a movie. Even rarer, one where she’s not made the butt of jokes or is the funny sidekick of the main star.

I’ve seen some trailers and clips from the show. One in particular is Aidy’s character going to a pool party specifically for bigger women. The scene starts with her being really shy and not wanting to dance. But it ends, after the women around her encourage her, with her dancing with palpable, uninhibited joy.

I got a bit emotional when I watched it, which surprised me a bit. So much of my experience as a fat girl is feeling like I don’t have the right to take up the space I do. Feeling like, in social situations, I am at the end of either ridicule or pity.

To see big bodies like that giving themselves permission to be joyful and confident bought up a lot of different feelings.

I hope the show comes to Australia,

Tonight I am grateful for the fact that for half of tomorrow I will be in training. It will be a bit boring but it actually gives me some quiet learning time, which is something I haven’t had for a bit.

A positive thing about myself today: I felt really good in my PT session this morning. Until the last 10 minutes where the ski erg and kettle bell swings near killed me haha. Off the back of not much sleep, I got it done and there was progress. Go me.

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