Random randomness

Today is the first day in the 30 days that I’ve felt a bit ugh about having to write something before the day is out.

Today, I got nothin’.

So here is a list of random things I’m currently thinking about.

– I need to get Hannah a new bed. The one I got for her a few months ago is plush and fancy and has a removable cushion that can be washed, but I can tell she doesn’t like it. She looks so bloody uncomfortable when she lays in it.

– The spider nest continues to migrate along the ceiling in the bedroom. There is a separate, smaller nest now above French doors. This is an escalating problem that I am not yet emotionally equipped to deal with.

– The arch of my right foot has been itching for at least a week. That can’t be good, right?

– I will be really sad when Broad City finishes next week.

– Why oh why won’t Sleater-Kinney announce a tour already.

– I have a lot of celery I need to use before the end of the week when we go away, or it will go to waste. What does one do with a whole load of celery? I might pull the juicer out.

Today I’m grateful for my mum. She’s doing a lot of the cooking and food-bringing for this weekend away, which is saving me a lot of work. Mum’s are good like that.

A positive thing about myself today: I actually feel a little bit caught up with work stuff. I’m almost scared to say that out loud. One of my goals this year was to find a better balance with clients and work – there’s a ways to go, but I feel like I’m making steps to that.

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