In your head, in your mouth, in your soul


Like, to-the-bones exhausted.

We got back at around 4 this afternoon, and after unpacking the car I lay down on the couch and didn’t move again for two hours.

The weather, though, finally feels like autumn. The air tonight smells like earth and damp and dark. I had to put a hoodie on when the sun went down. All of this makes me very happy.

It’s hard to say how the weekend went. It was really nice to see them all, and that part of the world is truly beautiful. It’s striking to me though how little changes, even given a lot of years and a lot of distance. The dynamics of a room. The energy of a person.

I have an awful lot of work to do tomorrow, and an alarm to set so I can get to the gym in the morning. Sleep first. In my own bed, which is always the best sleep.

Today I’m grateful that I live so close to an area as beautiful as the South Coast of NSW. The water down there is a shade of green and blue you don’t see anywhere else. There are a lot of dog friendly beaches and even with the tourists it doesn’t feel overrun.

A positive thing about myself today: I was organised with food this trip. I figured the way you can control the food you’re eating on a weekend away is to take a lot of it yourself. So I took a lot of salad stuff and fruit and almond milk and chicken and other stuff I would feel good eating.

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