Can you see that young star up ahead?

The energy around me has felt weird today, and a little agitated. So much so that I just typed ‘when is the next full moon’ into google.

April 19, if you’re wondering.

Maybe Mercury is in retrograde or something. Whatever it is, everyone feels a bit cranky and fed up and I’m just trying to keep my head down.

I actually got a lot done today though. I pushed through some stuff I’d been putting off at work and sent an invoice. I forgot to put a load of washing on, but you can’t win ’em all, right?

Today I’m grateful for hot showers, and finally getting to the time of year when I hot shower feels like the best thing ever. I had to do a fairly urgent email when I got home from the gym this morning, so I sat in my stinky gym gear for about an hour. The shower after that felt 100% amazing. I’ve been actively trying to be conscious of the things that make me feel good, and the things I look forward to each day, that aren’t food. This is one of them.

A positive thing about myself today: this morning in my PT session, my energy levels did not feel great (plus it’s that time of the month so I felt a bit wobbly generally). But a few times when I felt like I had nothing left I managed to eke out a couple more reps and I felt good about that. We also started a new program, and I feel really positive about it (even though there are some exercises in there I’m scared of haha).

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