The boy took me out for an early birthday dinner tonight. It was lovely, but it has been a massive day.

Sometimes, when I’m truly exhausted, I feel a little like I’m outside of my body. I don’t think the lightheartedness helps.

Also, summer was supposed to be done. The humidity can stop now.

Tonight I am grateful for my husband. We’ve been married nearly 10 year and like any marriage that long we can get on each others nerves a bit, but he’s always in my corner.

A positive thing about myself today: I was chatting to a friend I used to work with on WhatsApp today. She had caught up with another ex-colleague, and I realised, while she was giving me the news, how much we have both moved on from that place. There’s still some stuff I’m working through, and I’m still angry about a lot of things, but I feel like I’ve genuinely moved on from a lot of it, and that made me feel good.

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