Sunday: a list

Sunday. Infinite possibilities. Here are the plans for today –

  • Finish the cat.

  • Phone the cat lady and organise dropping the drawing off next weekend.

  • Email Angela to confirm collecting her from the airport next weekend.

  • Oh shit, I just realised something – phone Hellen and check if we were supposed to be jamming Saturday or Sunday afternoon, in light of said airport excursion.

  • This is exactly why I need a small diary to carry around with me.

  • At some point get groceries.

  • Go through that very big box under the TV and stereo – the one I’ve been putting off since I moved in (which, as we just established last night, was a freaking long time ago).

  • Listen to the album Zopolite Machine by the Mountain Goats properly beginning to end.

  • The people who watch Video Hits regularly are clearly lame. They’ve had a poll recently to decide the greatest video clips ever, and coming in at number 3 is the clip for History by Michael Jackson. Wait, WHAT? I have never seen this film clip before, and I’ve watched a few in my time. It’s obvious none of them have seen the After the Fall film clip with the beached TVs. That is one of the best film clips EVA.

  • Whoops this was supposed to be a to do list.

  • Stop watching Video Hits on Sunday mornings.

  • I should probably clean out the fridge. There’s stuff in there that has lost all of its former shape and colour.

  • Washing. Particularly my sheets.

I lead such an exciting life.

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