Did you see the drummers hair?!

I think I might need to rethink my aversion to facial hair on guys. What is it with indie boys and having hair on their face? And it’s not trimmed hair, either. It’s shaggy, overgrown, ratty hair. Looking at some photos tonight of Augie March playing in Adelaide, I noticed every member of the band but one had a full-face indie beard. What the hell’s going on there?

I forgot, until this afternoon, that I’m going to Cairns next week. In exactly one week I will hopefully be comfortable in temperatures above 10 degrees. It’s so god damn cold here at nights right now – problem with getting home from work at 7 is it takes at least 2 hours for the house to warm up. I’ve started showering right before I sleep so I can get into bed warm 😉

Christ – it’s nearly midnight! Where the hell did the time go?! Tomorrow I have roughly 28731923797123871238 things to get done before 10AM.

Yeah. Likely.

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