I walk in the air…

…between the rain, through myself and back again.

A day of isolation and introspection is good every now and again, but I probably shouldn’t do it often. I really, really shouldn’t think things over as much as I do – it only ends badly. Tomorrow, though, I have a day of shitty errands to do and I should probably clean the house before I get resident vermin. That will keep my mind away from itself.

I just love Bill Lawry. When he retires from commentating the cricket will be so much less interesting to watch.

The weekend was a little crazy. Good crazy though, in that there was nothing (apart from going into work Saturday and Sunday night for a few hours) that I didn’t really enjoy. Went straight from work more or less to Hell’s place and Lee and Cat were already there – it was nice to see them again. It’s nice to spend time with different people, particularly people who share the same music taste as you and who are just as happy as you are to sit and drink listening to said music (what is it about Hell and Tony’s yard that makes me desperate to hear Aenima?). And I also found out Lee went to CSU at exactly the same time I did, and knew a couple of the girls I worked with at Scribbles, so that was kinda freaky.

The John Butler Trio gig was Saturday night. It was a great, much better than I was actually expecting. I dig his music, Sunrise Over Sea particularly, but it’s not music I go completely nuts over. Honestly though, I have NEVER seen anyone play guitar like that. The sounds he was getting out of an acoustic guitar were phenomenal. The track Ocean, I need to try and find a bootleg of that. I’m not sure how you can get that much emotion and feeling from a guitar. It makes me want to pick mine up again – I haven’t played since before I went to South America.

Highlights for the night were Pickapart (worth the price of admission alone) and Peaches and Cream – he completely unplugged for that one, just him and a guitar and a mic. The whole crowd became really quiet, and then started singing along. At the chorus, every person within the hall (about 4000 of us) was singing along and it sounded glorious. Also, I have never been to a gig where there was so much good feeling from the audience (well, perhaps with the exception of Ani DiFranco, State Theatre, 2004). The call for encore was emphatic – just a resounding clamouring for them to come back on stage, and I think it would have gone on forever had he not come out. They did Zebra for encore, which was WAY expected, but it was still cool. I’m really glad I went.

I am so psyched though about The White Stripes in January – actually, a little beside myself would be more accurate. And U2 in March (and April). There is a lot to look forward too 🙂

Sunday we had breakfast (mmm, frappe) and then watched the cricket into the afternoon. I need to be sure I never take shit like that for granted – time with friends, who are such EASY company, who expect nothing from me other than myself, is a gift indeed.

Okay, there was just an ad on TV for James Blunt’s new album, citing his ‘unique’ sound. I reckon, if someone pinched me hard enough in just the right place, I could sound as unique as he does.

Also, I want to be able to write as well as John Darnielle. To be able to move people the way he has moved me today – well, I would love to be able to do that.

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