Teach me to be mysterious and crawl closer to selflesness

It’s so cold here I can’t feel my nose. I’ve already showered, but I might have to again before I got to bed to get blood flowing through my extremities. There is going to be a mean frost in the morning, I know it.

There is relief in the air tonight, because although tomorrow is pretty much going to suck due to the sheer amount I have to get done, the boss is not there Monday through Wednesday. Then, Thursday and Friday she will be tied up with end of financial year stuff, which more or less means a whole week of reprieve. I am going to get so much done, and hopefully by Friday I will be in a much better place. I need to get on top of everything I have to do, because I’m supposed to be taking two weeks leave at the end of July. I want to be able to leave feeling like the wheels aren’t going to fall off when I’m gone. It would also be nice to not work 70 hours a week in the weeks leading up to my leave just so I can get away without worrying while I’m gone.

My weekend was very full, but it was so much fun. I actually worked a lot on Saturday but I had to – Monday will now be difficult instead of impossible. In the afternoon I kicked on to Hell’s place where we talked and watched bad telly and walked dogs until it was time to meet Suz at the Cooper’s Arms. There’s a real joy in spending easy time with people – where the conversation just comes, and there’s no amount of awkward, and no feeling like you should reign in comment or emotion for fear of reprisal. Or for fear of being seen as a dork, because last night due to the sheer level of excitement I had about this gig I was fairly high on the dork scale. I haven’t really figured out yet how I’m going to write this post without sounding like a crazyfangirl.

We got there pretty early (around 8 ) and went up to have a look at the venue. SMALL is really the only way to describe it. I read somewhere capacity was 300, but I wasn’t really prepared for how tiny it was. It was kinda nice though – really intimate, not a bad vibe, and the drinks weren’t completely over priced.

Bright Yellow was the first band. This is the third band I’ve seen in maybe 6 months that is all chicks minus the drummer, all of them dressed in very little, and the music with a bit of a dark edge. They reminded me a little of Bridezilla (who opened for Dappled Cities Fly and Gerling) – I think, though, I preferred Bridezilla because they had more variety in A) their songs and B) their instruments. Any band with a violinist and a saxophonist is okay with me.

At the end of their set we went downstairs to the public bar where it was a little quieter and we could talk. We headed up again about half way through The Inches set – they were really good. They are an out and out rock band, and really tight, and the lead singer had a lot of charisma (and was a bit of a spunk). They called this tour their ‘road kill means we eat’ tour. I’d pay to see them again.

We were pretty close to the front of the stage (maybe 2 people back). Because the venue was so small there was no backstage to speak of, so the band members were sort of in amongst the crowd. Also, they did all their own setup and sound check – I was caught a little off guard, because Hell said ‘can you see her?’ (meaning Sianna Lee) and I turned around and holy crap there she was. Bending down a metre away from me fixing a pedal. Just being there and seeing her and waiting for the music to start I got all giddy with anticipation and felt like jumping up and down and screaming. I managed to refrain from that, though, and kept it to quiet squealing and clapping my hands like a retard and grinning like a fool.

The gig started a little weirdly – Sianna came out and straight up started playing Umabel acoustically, sans band. The crowd was taken a little by surprise and the gig actually didn’t feel like it had really started. When the rest of the band came out, though, the crowd was definitely ready. They kicked into Juno, which I love love love. My loneliness one thousand times forgiven. Sigh. I can’t remember the exact order of the set list, but they played Your Baby, My Blood and Boxcutter Baby after that I think, then Bound by Hurt Dissolved and something else new (Sparrow I think it was called?). THEN they played Something White and Sigmund which kicked SO much ass live, I can hardly explain it. The order gets a bit blurry from here, but they played Raido, Measuring Tape and Gonna Try and Be a Girl (at this point the crowd, particularly the group of girls to my right, got a little crazy with the dancing and the singing). They encored with Tongue Like a Tether – man, is that one beast of a song.

The banter between the band members was cool too and I liked that they all (minus maybe the bass player, who was quiet as bass players for some reason usually are) chatted quite a lot throughout the whole thing, to the crowd and each other.

Sianna Lee – you are truly astounding. I bow down to the greatness of your song writing ability and vocal prowess. You have a presence on stage that I would say is hard to beat. You music moves me more than words can say – thanks for being more than I hoped.

I can’t wait till they come back. I will be at every gig with proverbial bells on.

At the end of the gig we met Hell downstairs (who’d vacated at one point because the place was so crowded and she was having trouble with the air) and she’d seen some guy go down for the count, having a really bad reaction to something he’d taken. We managed to grab a cab right outside the venue (some nights you just get lucky) and we headed over to the Imperial. We hung around the public bar, talking and putting money into the jukebox, and we managed to pick up a woman who lived in Maraylya of all places who kept insisting we buy her a drink. She was friendly though. We pretty much wound up at that stage though (the black Sambuca shots maybe didn’t help) and went back to Hell’s place. And that was that.

Next time we’re all getting together to watch Flashdance. I hope Suz and Hell were as serious about that as I am, because as far as I’m concerned it’s game on.

I had a lot of plans for this afternoon, but in the end I’ve spent time fucking around online, listening to music (including some new stuff I got today) and little else. Oh, I did bring the washing in. And put a load of washing on. And watch about 40 minutes of 60 Minutes. So I guess that means I did more than nothing. I’ve done a lot of thinking this weekend, and for once it’s actually left my mind feeling clear rather than tied up in knots. Perspective comes from strange places, but when it comes you’ve got to recognise it for what it is and grab it with both hands. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect.

Bring on the week. After last weeks shock and awe, I thought I’d have some trepidation about this one. It’s just the opposite though – I figure I will go headlong in and tackle everything one at a time.

It’s all you can do really.

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