Things are startin’ to get strange

Another day in the office –

  • ‘Karen, you speak Portuguese, right?’ (to which Ariel, who is in my office at the time, mutters ‘Karen, you know how to perform brain surgery, right?’)

  • ‘Anne and I are off to Windsor to shop for a new accountant’

  • ‘There has to be some chocolate here somewhere’ (and then a minute later) –

  • ‘Do you think it would be bad to eat this drinking chocolate from the jar with a spoon?’ (to which I say HELL no, dowhatchagottado)


Also –

Good things about winter: mandarins, Bonds bed socks, flannelette pyjamas, pushing sock enclosed toes between the bars of an oil heater, hot water bottles, the smell of damp dark and fires burning and pink skies at dusk.

I need to keep reminding myself of this stuff, because 3 mornings straight now I’ve had to bust out the garden hose to get the encrusted ice off my windscreen. And I think I must have bad circulation – if I stop still for more than 5 minutes at a time I loose all feeling in my fingers and toes.

Things are getting weird at work. Not in a bad way, just in a, I don’t know, weird way. I don’t think it means anything bad – the nervous feeling I had about the state of business has gone, because I know for a fact we’re okay. A big shift is coming, I know that much.

One cool thing though – Carlos, who I met and interviewed in Ecuador, is in Australia. He made it, he’s with his employer, and he’s doing great. We have another Ecuadorian coming out in the next 4 weeks and applications pending for more. My time in Ecuador is paying off in more ways than one.

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