Thinking outrageously

ARGH. There is nothing else to say. For some reason today I was just gnashing my teeth from beginning to end. It might have something to do with the interruptions I was getting, every 3 seconds, that were stopping me getting anything done. ALL I WANT is perhaps an hour of uninterrupted time to get some shit sorted.

I think, once I have posted this, I am going to bed. Then, I am going to get into work at 7:30AM tomorrow morning and get shit done. Plan!!

I have this feeling of gutted disappointment in myself right now. Why? I have no idea. Well, I might have part of an idea, but I know that’s not all it. Also, I know I’m not coping as well as I could be at work, and I know that if I stopped trying to ‘patch’ things there rather than getting down to the nitty gritty of problems, long term it would work out better. If I were not going on leave in 3 MF DAYS that would be an option.

I just feel like I’m scrabbling and not getting purchase. I guess that’s what leave is for, right?

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