Panic! At the office

I was woken this morning by a tractor ripping up the front lawn at about 6AM. That meant I was at work by 7:30 as planned and had tackled around 25 emails by 8:30. I was feeling pretty good about the day. I checked the bosses email while I had her on the phone and there was something there from the big man at the EFA – an invite to a skills shortages conference in the city TODAY. I knew, when I saw that email, I should just not say anything. I’m thinking to myself ‘Karen, just keep your mouth shut’. Even as I was thinking that, I heard it coming out of my mouth –

‘There’s an email here regarding???’
‘Well, one of us has to go.’
‘Well, it’s not going to ME. I have 3 weeks work to fit into 3 days, there’s a problem right now between two of the staff that I really have to sort out today, and I have a meeting 2PM.’
‘Well, I’m in Melbourne.’
‘It can’t be me. I have too much to do.’
‘It has to be you.’
‘Please don’t ask me to do this today.’
‘Well, I’m not really asking you.’

Cue messy combination of anger and resignation. Also cue a crazy 10 minutes of me running around the office shouting random stuff like ‘when such and such calls tell them blah’ and ‘can you call so and so and tell them I’ll get back to them tomorrow’. Also awesome about spending an unexpected day away from the office is your inbox going from a hard earned 72 up to 136.

The rising sense of panic I managed to quell between the hours of 7:30 and 8:30 this morning has returned with the full force of a boulder to the gut. Tomorrow is another early start, and with any luck that means some amount of calm. At least, an end to the panic. That would be nice.

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