Whenever my tired head hits the pillow

I’m not sure I can remember when I was last this tired. My eyes are doing funky things – it alternates between being fuzzy to being blurry to being just too bright in here. And I have nothing but the lamp on.

I’m sure a solid 8 hours of keeping them closed will sort that out.

I think Eels fans might be the suckiest fans that ever sucked. Friday night was actually one of the worst gigs I’ve been to, and it had everything to do with the crowd. There were too many people in the venue, no way for them to effectively move about, and there was a real feeling of agro throughout the whole crowd. Fights broke out, at least 3 girls were carried out after passing out (for whatever reason) and there were a lot of obnoxious drunk people. I had thought Eels fans would be more sophisticated than that. Turns out not so much.

The band, though, were good. I wouldn’t say great, because the way they played the songs made them all a little samey, and the sound quality wasn’t great. Still, they seemed to be into it and they rocked out pretty hard. Finishing with I Like Birds was pretty great and they played Rags to Rags.

The weekend was strange. I will write about it, because there is a fuck load in my head right now, but I can’t tonight. Mind = fog. I have just enough energy to read people arguing on online music forums and talking online. I’m wilting though.

Bed now.

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