Full of clean wind

And there’s wet wool blankets
One, two, three
Laid on to my chest
Till I just can’t breathe

Ani DiFranco – Heartbreak

Even I did something a little out of character today – I’ve been economising. With my time, mainly. I have a habit of spreading myself too thin, but I spent the morning phoning people cancelling things so I can spend all day at home tomorrow doing sweet FA. Also, I’m now going to Wagga on Thursday, not tomorrow afternoon. Those small things seem to have lifted those wet wool blankets from my chest and it’s like I can breathe again.

I figure, too, I should take the break while I can. In the last few weeks I’ve started Spanish again, committed to a fair bit of travel for work (including Gold Coast in September and Melbourne in November), I have been going to a guitar lesson every Tuesday night for the last few months, and recently I enrolled to do a diploma in Workplace Assessment and Training. Nuts.

I might need to get a Filofax or something.

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