• NE Victoria is beautiful, even with fog and rain and crappy drivers that nearly make you collect guide posts.

  • The best lolly shop in the country might be in Beechworth.

  • Nothing goes together quite like bacon, onions and potatoes.

  • The more I put off this email to my boss the worse it’s going to be. Get around to it already!

  • Little brothers can be wiser than you think.

  • I’m thinking about South America again. And Ecuador. Discussing my trip with people this week has fired it up again, and the plans I had to travel to Ecuador again might be worth considering. At some point. In the future.

  • Why can I not get into John Vanderslice? Perhaps I just haven’t listened to him at the right time, or in the right mood. Perhaps I’m just never going to ‘get’ it, and I might become the only Mountain Goats fan in the world who doesn’t like both.

  • Look out Melbourne here I come.

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