The world is a vampire

New Year approaches. I’ve been steadfastly avoiding the ‘what this year has meant to me and what I want to achieve next year’ post, but it’s building up in me and I think it’ll find an exit. Oh well, I can’t fight against the clich?? all my life 😉

I have been looking forward to NYE for a couple of months now. I try to avoid building expectations in my head about things like this, but all I know about the night is that there will be great music, great friends, and a lot of alcohol. Something would have to go direly wrong to mess with the goodness coming from that. And I have a lot to celebrate and let go of this year – it feels like a real signpost, and I, for one, intend to party like its 1999.

Or, 2006.

I actually ventured into a shopping centre tonight. Sometimes you have to face your demons, particularly if you’re in dire need of a few things.

People these days seem to be uncomfortable being on their own, or looking like they’re on their own. Most people tonight were with someone else or a group of other people, which is expected I guess. The people who were on their own, though, 9 times out of 10 had a mobile in their hand – either texting or talking to someone. I sat down at a caf?? and a woman sat down in front of me. The second she sat down she pulled her mobile out. First she called her mother, then she called someone who I’m assuming was her husband, then she called someone else (maybe a friend). In between these calls there was about 20 to 30 seconds of her looking around and fidgeting. And it was all just inane conversation, about some TV show, the skin condition on the poor dog and ‘I thought perhaps on the weekend we could go see such and such’.

Even though I’m pretty happy in my own company I catch myself doing it. Waiting a couple of weeks ago at the Townie for Hellen and Tony, I pulled my phone out and started texting people. Even while I’m driving I’ll phone people – mostly to get something out of the way or just touch base with someone, but using the mobile nonetheless. I’m not quite sure what happened to downtime, but somewhere along the line it’s like we developed an allergy to it.

It’s a bit scary how much stimulation we need now to feel ‘entertained’. People, and kids too, usually have a TV, about 3 different types of gaming console, a computer, a stereo, an MP3 player and a mobile. And they usually have about 3 of them going at once. And I noticed this year at the MTV music awards they had 4 stages going AT ONCE, they had trapeze artists, fireworks, special effects and people in the crowd. It was absolutely nuts and just looking at it made my head hurt. But they think they need to do this shit to entertain people.

What ever happened to subtlety? To one person with a guitar on one stage, completely holding the audience in the palm of their hand and moving people to tears? Or to just sitting and being still, and enjoy just being. I know I don’t do enough of that, but I’m learning to make time for it. I’m sure there are many people in the world who have forgotten that they have the ability to do that. I mean, even to relax people think they need to spend money on a massage, or a trip to Noosa, or a CD of whale sounds or some sort of weird lavender smelling thing that they spray in their face (?). All you need really is a little space, in your head and around you, and the knowledge that you don’t need anything else.

3 friends, some Cowra scrub and a lot of alcomahol seem to work too.

There’s something kinda sad about the way that things turned out to be.
Desensitised to everything –
what became of subtlety?

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