Gotta gotta be down, because I want it all

SO this year started with bacon, French toast, baked beans (for some – UGH) and paying out past idol contestants on Video Hits. So far so good.

And last night, even though by the time we left the house our numbers had dwindled significantly, was great great great. It was all about the music.

And what else is there really?

We meant to leave Blink at 12:30, because I (wrongly, mind) thought the film clip to Head Like a Hole was on Rage at 1:30. But they just kept playing awesome song after awesome song after midnight (leading with STINKFIST, I mean, c’mon) so we had to stay. And we danced and sang till I was a bit hoarse. The band before midnight was not bad, but a bit samey, and we were just itching for the DJ to get back on really.

So I book ended last year with Hellen and Tony (among random others) at Club Blink. It just seemed so fitting.

2005 was all about –
??? Realising my job is not my life.
??? Finding out how worthwhile friendship can really be and feeling so lucky for the friends I have.
??? Family SHIT.
??? Falling really badly for a girl which simultaneously raised and answered a lot of questions.
??? Getting over said girl after a whole gamut of shit and hurt.
??? Going to South America and challenging myself like I never have before.
??? The thing with John in Argentina that, while really not being a me thing to do, really has helped my self confidence and my outlook on this coming year.
??? Musically stretching past Ani DiFranco, U2 and Tool and finding bands like The White Stripes, The Flaming Lips, Doves and The Mountain Goats, and finding musicians like Beck, Darren Hanlon and Beth Orton.
??? Losing my Nan.
??? Finding, and even liking, a little more of myself.

2006 is going to be all about –
??? Not letting my family tow me around anymore (metaphorically, obviously).
??? Passing this !@%%@! exam on March 14 and becoming a qualified Migration Agent.
??? Going the rest of the way to not using my job as a way to define who I am.
??? Saying YES to as many opportunities I can.
??? Seeing as much live music as I can.
??? Losing all the weight I gained during my relationship with Alan. It’s the one reminder left of how unhappy I was then, and I want it gone.
??? Taking an advanced Spanish course so it doesn’t all just slip away.
??? Finally finishing The Satanic Verses by Salman Rushdie, because I’ve started the damn thing 3 times. This is the year.

It’s all achievable I think. I’m not a fan of New Year resolutions, but I think it helps to roughly state what you want to achieve. It’s some form of accountability or something.

And it’s nice to have a whole 12 months stretching in front of me with no international travel. Although, in this job you never know about these things. As much as I LOVE to travel, it will be nice to mark time and consolidate for a while.

Here’s to 2006!

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  1. […] I reread this morning my post on New Years day. On January 1 there was a lot I wanted to achieve this year, and I really feel like I’m part of the way to getting there. Thing is, if I invested all my time/energy/money/stress into this one (fairly big) thing, all that would have to be shelved. I would not be able to take the Spanish course I want to start in July. There would be no more art workshops and going out and I’m really only starting to do all those things. I’m excited about it, too. There are things I need to work on this year, places I need my head to go, and things I want to achieve for myself. Now I feel the momentum picking up, I’m really nervous about slowing down. […]

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