Twirl like a little girl

So I just read this interview on Music for Kids Who Can’t Read Good with the band Shearwater. They spoke about, among other things, their recent tour with the Mountain Goats. Besides making me want to hear music by Shearwater really badly, it was really fun to read.

There is not enough twirling in this world if you ask me.

What was that like touring with the Mountain Goats? They’re one of my favorite bands.

T: Awesome, Totally Great.
K: They were great guys.
H: I thought it was really interesting to be in the middle of the set and Jonathon was giving everything and I looked over to the side and there’s kind of this window and I could see into Darnielle’s dressing room. And he’s in there twirling, his arms were up and he’s mouthing the exact same lyrics, belting them out.
Me: I saw him at Pitchfork Fest and I noticed him backstage watching a few of the other bands playing.
T: He’s really well-versed in his death metal.
K: They’re also really good about picking out cool bands and taking them on tour with them.

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