The stars are going out

In hospitals and schools
Airports and banks and bars
Big ones on street corners
Little ones driving by in cars
Glowing through countless
Bedroom curtains at night
That 20k tone
And that pale blue light
Saying –

Daddy knows best
Yes, this is the news
In 90 second segments
Officially produced
And aired again and again and again
By the little black and white pawns
Of the network yes men

Decree – Ani DiFranco

So a link to NBC Newsweek was sent to me this morning by Alan (who is back from the wilds of Croatia and Hungary etc., which is good for me because I run a little short of people to rant politically with). The whole point he was sending it through was the following –

Notice something there about the front covers of the worldwide Newsweek editions? Europe, Asia and Latin America have all led with the disaster in Afghanistan. What does the US edition lead with?

An article and photo montage about a female photographer who used to shoot for Rolling Stone.

I looked at her stuff. It’s really, really good. The photo she took of Jack and Meg White is amazing and she seems to have had a particularly interesting life. STILL – c’mon, how blatant is that? Could the media control in that country BE more obvious? I just fail to see how that country can ever turn around from the monstrous crash it’s heading for when the people don’t even hear the truth. So the US is a form of democracy – what good though is the power of the people if they are ignorant to the truth? If they’re not armed with accurate information to make an informed decision? It’s scary when you think about that in the context of the next election – if the media over there is feeding sugared line after line to the public about the mess the US is making in the Middle East, there’s no way they’re going to make the right decision in 2008.

And as scary as that is that’s not their fault.

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