Black as night

I’m not quite sure how to sum up the last few days.

Ah, hectic? Let’s recap –

First, there are the stupid hours at work. I’ve had a bit of enough of that to be honest. I’m not sure it’s going to let up this week either, but there you have it.

Secondly, there was the manic panic on Friday night because I thought the cousin was coming to stay, which turned out to be not so true. Then, Saturday morning H & T came out. It was weird for about the first hour or so – I was fairly sure they wanted to be anywhere but here, so there was some weirdness. Turns out everyone was being a bit silly (who’d have thought?) and it was all fine. Much fun was had at Colo River, then when Tony heads back to Newtown, Hell and I head into town, drop off an engagement ring, then back here. We start drinking about 4PM and spend a good couple of hours swooning at Christian Slater circa 1990.

Thereafter came a lot more drinking and playing guitar and drinking and talking and drinking. It was So. Much. Fun.

Sunday it was into the city to drop Hellen off, then across to Manly to pick up a CD rack for Mum (at least, I think it’s a CD rack. It’s all in bubble wrap and I’m too scared to undo it). I head home about 1PM and notice 2 pretty large smoke plumes coming from the general direction of Wilberforce. I try to get on to the Putty Road and was diverted 3 times before I finally made it to Kurmond Road – that’s enough to panic a girl right there. I get home to find that while nothing is burnt to the ground yet, the power is out and no one on the row is quite sure where the smoke is coming from or which way it’s heading.

2 days of no power. It’s amazing the perceived mental epiphanies one can have while it’s pitch black and you have no light bar a candle and nothing to do bar think. It’s a dangerous thing indeed and something I’m sure I’ll be writing about over days to come. Something about those two nights is still unsettling me on the inside.

There’s other stuff, like Debbie and Alan coming back, Brenda coming back tomorrow, and other stuff at work, but to be honest I’m tired as hell. I’m going to go to bed now, because tomorrow I fly to Melbourne and I have to think for 2 days solid about skills shortages and visa crises.

So, mysterious world of the internets, I will be back on Thursday or Friday. Don’t go too crazy.

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