Okay, so tonight I’m typing straight into my dashboard whatsit. This is all due to the fact that the laptop got the ol’ fdisk treatment tonight (thank you Alan) and I haven’t installed Office yet. I can actually click on links and load webpages and it actually works!!!! And I am having conversations right now on MSN and none of my messages are bouncing back!

It’s a revelation I’m telling you.

Because I’m typing directly into this thing there is a massive likelihood of typos. I would like to be one of those people who can spell, but I’m just not.

While yabbering to Jo-fus online tonight I was talked into doing an online personality test. The last one of these online tests I did (the political compass one) told me I was a socialist and more left than Ghandi, so I’m understandably apprehensive about these things. That and I hate all that categorization.

ANYWAY. It was interesting. I mean, I’m sure you get back answers you relate to because YOU fill the damn questions in. The personality appraisal you get back is going to be accurate in your perception, because it’s really only based on your own assumptions about yourself. Or something like that – to be honest I’m so tired I’m a little delerious. Anyway according to my answers to the questions –

Your personality stands out from the average person’s particularly in the areas of:

  • Your High Curiosity Level

  • Your High Emotional Reactivity Level

  • Your High Need for Variety

  • Your High Empathy/ Sensitivity Level

Yeah, okay, probably. Also –

You scored 40 in the area of extroversion/ introversion, which means that your energy is directed primarily inward, rather than outward. Your mixed score in this trait creates an interesting and alluring combination of traits: You are social yet also very reflective and introspective. You like to be around people, but too much interaction drains your energy. You need to retreat every once in a while in order to recharge your batteries.

Little bit :|.

Tonight driving home the moon was fairly impressive. It’s large in the sky even though it’s only a half moon. I always found it odd that people write/sing/talk about the moon ‘hanging’ in the sky. To me the sky was always like a blanket covering all of us – a heavy drape dotted with bright spots. The moon to me is more like a blotch in the sky – kinda like one of those potato stamps you made as a kid. It’s difficult for me to see the sky as this huge, limitless black void, interdispersed with solid objects that look, from our viewpoint, to be glowing. Anyway, the moon was big and shiny tonight and that made me smile.

Through the open window
I think the singing went outside
and floated up to tell
all the stars not to hide
’cause by the time church let out
the sky was much clearer
and the moon was so beautiful
the ocean held up a mirror

Amanda hits town tomorrow. I’m a little nervous about this – I have no idea how the conversation is going to run over the next couple of days. That and I’m not sure about taking her to the birthday party tomorrow night. Oh well, I’m sure it’ll all work itself out.

I really need to stop wasting emotional energy on worrying about shit like that.

My long weekend is going to not really be a long weekend. Monday morning I have to get up at 5:30AM (Oh. My. God.) to drive Amanda to the airport to fly to Canada. Then, I have to get in the car and drive straight to work. I will then probably go home and crash.

My day has been filled with very odd interactions with people. Strange, existential conversations with virtual strangers and awkward, somewhat shallow moments with people I know very well. Today the world is whacky.

God damn it, I was really going to be in bed before Meds by Placebo came on Rage. Oh well. I do really need to sleep now though.

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