Glory be

Ahaha what an interesting phone call. Damn right I was snappy today – people are stupid, I am tired, and I’m working too hard. But she said that; all of that. And I have orders to do nothing all weekend. Actually, anything so long as it’s not work. This might be the first time she’s said anything like that to me ever – perhaps I should have recorded the phone call for posterity. Also, she actually thanked me for kicking her ass about these vision meetings and being militant about keeping her on track. Sometimes I feel like a photographer constantly shaking a toy in the face of a child to maintain her attention. Tonight she said that all this is actually helping, and she feels more focused than she has felt in around 9 months. This is really something and I feel somehow validated.

I’m writing this post on the craptop, using Wordpad and no spell check, because the wanky new laptop is in my office at work. It’s great having one that I can actually use for work stuffs, but it also means remembering to pick up the MF before I leave.

Oh and Dan Kelly is hot. And adorably awkward.

That is all.

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