A nervous tick motion of the head to the left

One of the main drawbacks of living here is the showerhead. I’m all for water conservation, I’m all for recycling and I honestly do believe the peak oil argument has its merits. But FFS, when I shower, I want to be WET. I want the water pouring out and I want to be covered in it. And quickly.

My showerhead, physically, is around 1 inch in diameter. It pushes water out at roughly the speed of light, which probably means that by now, due to the constant bombardment of needle thin high pressured water, I have skin like the hide of a buffalo.

Anyway, I finally have found a use for the crappiest showerhead in the world. When you have something very wrong with your neck and/or shoulder (I’m sure I’ll find out what exactly at the physio on Wednesday morning) and as a result are in some amount of pain, hot, hard water is the best thing ever. I just stood under that high pressured heat for around 40 minutes, with it boring into that curve where my neck meets my shoulder. My skin is stinging and I’m all red, but I have more movement in that side of my upper body than I’ve had in two days.

I’m making the most of this shizzat – I’m taking my Nurofen and my book and I’m going to bed.

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