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I think if I had been living or sharing space with someone tonight, there would have been a fair amount of eye rolling and laughing. Spatial perception is not my strongest point – you oughta see me reverse park. Still, tonight I decided I’m going to try and utilize some of my space a little better. I’ve got to clean and throw some shit out, sure, but there’s a lot more I could do here to use the space I have. Starting with the stupid little alcove thing I have between the lounge/kitchen and the bedroom – what the hell is that?

So in my DYI wisdom (HAH) I decided I was going to measure up this space so I could get some shelves to slide in there. Good idea in theory, right? Thereafter came a fairly hilarious 40 minutes of me with a tape measure pretending that I knew what I was doing.

The problem with something like this is once you start, other stuff just starts welling up inside of you before you know it. Like, for instance, I need to figure out what to do with my laptop at home. The table and chair I have is hopeless, and it’s not really helping the problems I have with my neck. So, I made my way to the Ikea website. Holy crap could a girl get herself in trouble there.

I’m not the sort of girl who shops at homemaker centres. Actually, I’m not really the sort of girl (excluding CDs, obviously) who shops. But this weekend I think I’m making a foray out into the world of flat packs and allen keys. Of metal casters and portable storage modules. Of fake veneer finishes and self-assembly.

God help us all.

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