So – I have two options here.

1) To go to bed. I could head to bed right now and get maybe as much as 10 hours sleep. Not that my body ever really sleeps that long in a row, but you know. Sleep would be good.

2) Stay up and watch Rage. If I stay up until around 2:15AM I can watch the film clip for Lovely Shoulders by The Panda Band. That would be cool.

I have gotten into the terrible habit of going to bed with my laptop on the weekends. Actually, that sounds pretty bad doesn’t it? What I mean is taking it to bed and watching maybe two episodes of The Office before I fall asleep. It’s just way too convenient. I don’t really want to be one of those people who watch TV in bed though. No no no.

Here is a to do list for the weekend –

  • Washing. Always on the weekend there’s washing. There’s just no other time to get that shizzat done.

  • Put together as much as I can of Stew’s PR application. It’s kinda ironic that one of the most difficult PR applications I’m likely to do is the one I’m not going to get paid for. Oh well.

  • Go to Ikea. Yes, I’m really going to go to Ikea.

  • Finish the drawing of Tank.

  • Oh, yes, go to Hell’s place tomorrow night to piece together, fold and stuff wedding invitations. I think we should possibly do the writing and the stuffing before we do the drinking. It all might end badly otherwise.

  • OH and watch the CRICKET! How good is it that the god damn cricket is back on? And not just that, but the ASHES? And not just that, but we’re kicking their ASS?? Sitting on the computer all day tomorrow filling in visa paperwork is going to suck much less just because I can watch the cricket while I do it.

OK Go are nowhere near as good without the treadmills.

Whoops I think the ABC just broke. Test patterns and ABC logos are all well and good people, but it’s going to mess up the precise awesomeness of your Friday night lineup.

That’s it, I’m going to bed.

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