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Let’s go on a road trip. Let’s take the 3 apples and half loaf of stale bread and honey covered cashew nuts I have here and let’s just go. I don’t really care where, actually, just so long as I haven’t been there before. I believe anywhere can be beautiful if you haven’t seen it before. Let’s leave while it’s dark, so I can put my feet on the dashboard, wind the window down to let the almost summer air in, and listen to Elliott Smith. We can take it in turns with the CD player if you like, so long as you don’t play crap. Let’s not book accommodation and stop at the dodgiest motel we can find, and then laugh till we cry at the decor and the plumbing. Let’s have no schedule and no internet and no plans to be home in time for work tomorrow. Let’s decide, even, that we never have to come home, so long as what we find out there is more whole and glorious and fulfilling than anything else we have. Let’s not take photographs or write in journals or document it in any way – we’ll experience each moment for what it is, and then let it pass over us when it’s done.

It all sounds so easy. There is all at once such a long way and such a short distance between life and living.

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