Lend Little Miss Listless a little bit’a Christmas

I haven’t posted here in, what, 3 days? I found, I think maybe Saturday night, I was resenting the idea of even having to. So I didn’t.

There’s a lot I could be writing about tonight. Like the small win I had with my boss today, like the fence I feel I mended tonight, like the fuckton I have on my plate over the next week and my anxiety about what may or may not transpire over Christmas. It’s like, though, when you’re faced with a massive ham and salad sandwich and you’re not quite sure where to sink your teeth in. No matter which way you do it, it’s gonna end up messy.

There’s no room for music right now, and the only creative pursuit I have atm is making sure the line on the Bull Mastiff is accurate from the eyes to the nose. It’s kinda making me numb.

Tomorrow is going to be shit fight from beginning to end, but I only have three more days of work left, and then 11 days off. I can’t hardly wait.

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