Gesticulated bitterness

There are two people fighting outside. At least, I think its two people. It’s at least that many. There is a lot of door slamming, shouting about alcohol and ‘GET OUT OF MY FACE’ etc. It’s a girl and a guy – the girl actually sounds quite young. They’re walking up and down the front of the building – one saying something to the other and then turning around and storming away. The other looking dumbfounded and then following to shout something back. And so on and so forth.

I don’t really like conflict – I’m not one of those people who enjoy a good barney with someone. I’m a lot better with the shouting than I was though – it doesn’t make me physically ill any more. Still, when two people are going hammer and tongs right outside your open lounge room window, at 10PM at night, it’s not really fun. I just hate hearing so much anger, and what makes it worse is how silent and still the air out here usually is. Save a few cows, there’s generally no noise bar the crickets and the Christmas beetles concussing themselves on my front window. It’s the way I like it.

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