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So about 3 years ago Angela and I were in a discount store (I’m not sure which one, I guess it’s not important) in Campbelltown. She was looking for salad servers or something equally boring, and I (as I’m kinda prone to do) started ambling on my own up and down isles; picking things up, putting them down and randomly boggling at some of the stuff people will lay money down for. We’d been going all morning and I had a hankering for something sweet, so I picked up some jelly beans before we left. They were called ‘Smart Beans’, and on the pack was the tagline ‘They actually help you think!’ I was highly dubious but I’ll try anything once.

I get the jelly beans out of the store and bust them open as we’re walking back to the car. After a couple I stop in my tracks and declare to Angela and probably everyone else on the street at the time ‘these may be the best jelly beans I have ever tasted’. They were really, truly awesome. Anyway, after this day I was on a constant search for Smart Beans. Every discount store I went past was checked, and I know Angela was on the trail too. Gradually, as these things go, I gave up looking and so did she I thought.

This Christmas I open my gift from her and there they were – Smart Beans. I’m not sure how the hell she found them, but the fact that she was still looking, and the fact that she remembered, means more than words can say. They’ve come in little packets this time, rather than one big one, but they’re still the same jelly beans on the inside. And the orange ones are still the best.

Mmm, smart...

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