Bah bah bah

I’m moving!  It’s exciting!  I have no idea where yet – we’ll see.

Maybe Pitt Town.  I’d prefer to live in Pitt Town Bottoms, only so I could tell people that’s where I live.  I remarked tonight that if I lived there I’d feel like one of the Wombles.  I’ll look through the house next week so we’ll see.

Ben has been sending me Kelley Stoltz mp3s tonight.  And just quietly, sans perhaps the Beach Boys track, they’re all very, very good.  I was saying to him that the song Birdies Singing is one of those songs where you’re driving along, in a hurry to somewhere with the radio on, not really concentrating to what they’re playing, but then this truly awesome and catchy little song comes on.  Only, you can’t listen for the back announce because you truly have to make it to the post office before the damn thing closes, so you leave the car never knowing what the song is and a little bit sad because of that.  Then out of the blue one night it’s sent to you over the interweb as an mp3.  Hooray!

I may have to check out more of this Kelley Stoltz.

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