My mind is disconnected by my heart is wired

When typing the title for that last post I was struck with a need to hear the song Firedoor by Ani DiFranco (unsurprisingly the song I pulled those lyrics from).

When people, albeit occasionally, ask me what my favourite DiFranco track is I answer flatly with Swan Dive from Little Plastic Castle followed closely by Marrow from Revelling/Reckoning. They’re both clear winners, but only when you factor in my rules for equating such things. Like, favourite tracks can’t come from live albums or remix albums or what have you. Not honest to god favourite tracks of an artist.

By these (special and probably stupid Karen) rules Fire Door doesn’t even rate. To begin with, the original version on her self-titled album is stilted and awkward and kinda strangely paced. Secondly, the only other version I know of the song (apart from the odd bootleg I’m sure) is the version from Living in Clip. One of the greatest live albums ever recorded.

Honestly, if I didn’t have the stupid self-imposed rule about live tracks then Firedoor would win out. Lyrically it’s amazing. I mean –

I opened the firedoor, to four lips
None of which were mine, kissing
Tightened my belt around my hips
Where your hands were missing

Or –

OH how I miss
Substituting the conclusion to confrontation with a kiss
And OHHH how I miss
Walking up to the edge and jumping in
Like I can feel the future on your skin

I’m not a girl with religion, but I swear to god, every time she busts into Amazing Grace before that crazy scat singing I start grinning like an idiot. The Living in Clip version of this song is so light and through her voice you can hear her smiling. Listening to this track tonight and remembering how much I love it makes me kinda glad that cockroach died a grizzly death on my floor.


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