Let’s all hold hands and pretend we’re having a good time

So I bought Takk by Sigur R??s on the weekend. It was a punt, based solely on recommendations from LastFM and the absolute raves the album has been getting Triple J and every single music website I read. It’s a little intimidating, getting an album like that. There has been this huge build up to listening to the damn thing, and now I’m almost nervous.

Actually, I wasn’t planning to buy it on Sunday, but there was a special edition there for $20 – I mean, how is a girl supposed to resist that!? (And for the record, the album artwork is worth the purchase alone). When I took it up to the counter though, the guy serving me got really excited and said are you seeing them at the Enmore? I said no, tickets were already sold out when I checked, and I hadn’t really heard anything off the album yet apart from Hoppipolla. That’s when he started almost leaping over the counter telling me that the album had changed his life, and that he has tickets to the show at the Enmore and he was going to line up all day to make sure he got right in front. He also told me to listen to it stoned, if I was into that sort of thing. Aha!

Anyway, now because of all of that I’m going to have to put it away a while I think. And I think when I DO get it out, I’m going to have to load it on my iPod and hear it first through headphones.

OH the anticipation 😉

I would write about how shitty work was today, but NO, because my category count for work is getting dangerous. This is why categories suck – you can see how boring you really are.

I’m feeling all quagmirey tonight. I love the word quagmire. So, let’s make a list of things to be happy about –

??? Brenda is away for the rest of the week.
??? Wilco.
??? The White Stripes on January 25 (please Jack, don’t talk between now and then, I really need you to sing for me THANKS).
??? Impending thunderstorms over the mountains tonight.
??? My flu finally fucking off and my nose not running for the first time in almost 2 weeks.
??? My Audioslave DVD (and Chris Cornell’s eyes – OH. MY. GOD.)
??? News of a possible impending album release for Ani DiFranco in March this year (I’m resisting hyperventilation until at least February). I’ve been so GOOD this time around, and I’ve not downloaded any bootlegs of the new songs (because last time it kinda ruined the new album for me). Please hurry though Ani because I don’t know how strong my resolve really is.
??? A night cool enough for my doona.
??? Bright green frogs that live in the pot plant outside my front door. Noisy, yes. Cute, YES.
??? Vegemite on toast. It’s the food of champions.
??? The thought of the first really close tri-series in a lot of years – with Sri Lanka beating South Africa tonight, it’s all been thrown wide open.

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