The crush of veils and starlight

  • I’m trying for bed before 10pm tonight.  I know!  Whoa!
  • My house is exhaling.
  • Must remember to get a ticket to Augie March tomorrow.  It would suck if it sold out.
  • I feel potential everywhere right now.  It’s in the air and in my car and in my office and right here at my laptop.
  • Conversely, I also feel like things could easily go either way.  I’m teetering on the brink of so many potentially wonderful things, and it could all end badly.  Only I can push it the right direction.
  • Okay so maybe not before 10pm.  I get distracted so god damn easily.
  • What the hell did I do without an RSS reader in my life.
  • Now that I’ve made the decision to move there’s a whole fuckton of stuff I can’t really get on with.  For some reason this particularly annoying tonight.
  • The voice of Jeff Tweedy makes everything alright.

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2 Replies to “The crush of veils and starlight

  1. “And the sun gets passed from tree to tree
    Silently, and back to me
    With the breeze blown through
    Pushed up against the sea
    Finally back to me”

    Things could go either way, but, if you actively push the way you want them to go, despite your perceived and overthought potential maybe, whatever would I do if it did this instead of that consequences and complete all the little steps along the way, then, there is really nothing to stop you.

    Take the first step now. Before you know, you’ll be running…

    ‘Half of it’s you
    Half is me’

  2. I need an off switch for my brain. Say YES think LATER. Spontaneity.

    I think, perhaps, the potential was always there but I’m only just noticing.

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