Prayed it would rain and rain

Great weekend with great music and great company.  Here are the things making me happy tonight –

  • Being HOME.  It’s so much bliss to be home.
  • The rain.  It’s pouring outside, just the way I like it.
  • 4 more days until the boss leaves for 7 weeks.  Actually, this one’s a double edged sword.  My hours might cut from 12 a day to maybe 9 or 10, but the responsibility cranks up a notch.   Tonight, though, the idea of it is making me happy.
  • Gorgeous Geisha green tea from T2.
  • BROADBAND!  Sweet, sweet broadband.
  • Following that point, a new episode of The Office (downloading is naughty kids!).
  • The idea of at least 8 solid hours of sleep.
  • Weather cool enough for flannelette pyjama pants and bed socks.
  • I See A Darkness by Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy.  This music = soul food.

Calexico last night were something to behold.  Sometimes the best gigs are those where you have little to no expectation – I like the music, sure, and Feast Of Wire is a very good album, but I was completely unprepared for how amazing they are live.  They are all fantastic musicians, each one (bar the drummer, obviously) playing more than one instrument during the night, and ONE guy played the vibraphone, piano accordion AND the trumpet alternately throughout the whole set.  The trumpets were glorious – I’ve said before, based on only their albums, it’s the brass that gives the music its personality and I guess point of difference from other music.  In a live setting they take on a whole new life and give the music its soul.

Highlights for me were Sunken Waltz (which is no where near long enough when you consider its awesomeness) and Prison on Rt 41 (which I originally heard on the Calexico/Iron & Wine EP In The Reins).  The track Roka was also amazing – there was an almost sensual energy that came from the band.  There were a couple of riotous tracks with full trumpets and guitars and drums and it was music that made you itchy to dance.  This is where the venue fell down though – I felt for Andrew Bird that even though the tables felt a little odd, it didn’t take too much away from the performance.  Last night, though, I think the set up of the venue was a bit of a buzz kill.

Calexico please play the Annandale next time.  The people, they want to DANCE.

4 hours of sleep can wreak havoc on a girl’s thought processes.  Numb.

Sleep now.

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2 Replies to “Prayed it would rain and rain

  1. Yes to the basement backlash! I always feel let down by that venue, except when the tables aren’t out (but as you know they always are).

    Calexico should play at the ‘dale and maybe not make their tix so pricey.

  2. Yeah they were a bit on the pricey side. From memory I paid around $25 to see Bird and that was equally good.

    We should start a no tables letter writing campaign 😉

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