There’s a beautiful view from the top of the mountain

I’m listening to the EP I picked up from The Basement on Sunday night by the support act, Whitley (MySpace warning).  They were very good.  At times it was like the lead singer was channeling Jeff Buckley, but I think that was his method of playing his electric guitar and genuinely soulful voice playing games with my head.  Listening to this EP tonight it’s a lot less Jeffeqsue, but it’s still very good.  He did a cover of Hyper-Ballad by Bjork which was beautiful.  You know, I think people lose how glorious that song is in amongst the quirk and synthed backbeats of the original.  I mean, lyrics like this –

We live on a mountain
Right at the top
There’s a beautiful view
From the top of the mountain
Every morning I walk towards the edge
And throw little things off
Car parts, bottles and cutlery
Or whatever I find lying around

It’s become a habit
A way
To start the day

I go through all this
Before you wake up
So I can feel happier
To be safe up here with you

It’s at the holy moly level of great in my book.  He did the song credit.

It’s the perfect thing for me to be listening to tonight – this boy with his acoustic guitar and beautiful voice, singing about and counting sheep and butterflies.

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