1. My brain has room for nothing but point form tonight.
  2. There will, though, be Song 5 tomorrow night.
  3. Steve next door is having a party. This is intriguing, because in the whole 12 months he’s lived there he (to my knowledge) has never had another person over. Now there’s a whole plethora of people. Also, it’s Wednesday night. Good for him!
  4. Only, I hope they turn the Cold Chisel down before I go to bed. That shit’s likely to give a girl nightmares.
  5. I wish I was not addicted to caffeine.
  6. I’ve been reading Lateline interviews with Tony Jones online. Yes, I am aware of how ridiculously nerdy this makes me. My little bitty crush on him has flared into full blown celebrity crush, just so you know.
  7. Every time I see George W on the TV I get a feeling like I just stubbed my toe.
  8. Company would be nice tonight. Anyone want to come read me Leonard Cohen before I go to bed?
  9. Looks like Harvey Norman is going to buy Officeworks. I think in a few years one person/company is going to own the whole world.
  10. 1 more day.
  11. I got a very surprising email today. It’s one of those times where you hear the ‘DO do’ announcing new email, you look, and take a sharp breath in when you see who it’s from. You almost don’t want to click on it. In this case it wasn’t as bad as my head made it out to be.
  12. I JUST GOT THE MOST AMAZING NEWS EVER! Glenn Richards aka lead dude from Augie March is supporting Wilco in April. Wayne, by giving me this news, has completely made my night.
  13. Ditto the news of Rodriguez touring. That is just something I never, ever thought I’d hear in a million years.
  14. Really must go to bed now.

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