Kid, candy store etc.

It’s an exciting night here at CFG HQ.

FIRSTLY – The Black Keys are coming!  EEE!!!  These guys were by far one of my top five live music experiences last year.  I really, really liked the new album, Magic Potion, and at times when it comes to putting a CD in nothing other than Thickfreakness will do.  Anyone in the world who doubts the power of live music should see the Black Keys live.  Fer serious.

Tickets according to the official website are supposed to be on sale March 2, but I see nothing.  Ditto Ticketek and Enmore Theatre website.  My eyes, they’re peeled.

SECONDLY – Playground Weekender this weekend.  I’m insanely excited to see what this festival is all about, and I didn’t see any live music last weekend so I’m hanging a little.  It’s so crazy to me, living where I do, that there’s a music festival right across the river.  Well, it’s a little further than that, but let’s be relative.

I just found out though, that due to ‘contractual obligations’, Dappled Cities Fly aren’t playing.  That makes me sad.

THIRDLY – I am waiting with baited breath (what the hell is that?!) for more information about Rodriguez tour dates.  I never, ever thought he’d tour.  Ever.  I am going to write further about what this man and his music means to me because I won’t do it justice tonight.

FORTHLY – Actually I’m not sure there’s a forthly.  I made it through work today.  That’s gotta count for something considering the day of absolute shittiness I had.  Tomorrow, as they say, is a new day.  A whole new potential for shittiness right there 🙂

I need to post more.  I need more hours in the day.  Also, reminder to self – check out the music of AC Newman.  Ditto Imogen Heap.  Is Imogen not the most glorious name in the world?  Imogen.  I could say it out loud forever.

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