Well I want a better place or just a better way to fall

Dear Neighbours,

There are certain advantages to living where we do. The frogs we have in the garden, the peace and quiet, the inexpensive rent, the view and the really nice landlord.

Seriously though, I’m beginning to weigh up if it’s all worth it.

I try to be a good neighbour, I really do. Last night when I was playing Audioslave it was no where near loud enough to do it justice, but because you were all likely sleeping I thought I should keep it down. Also, guy from number 3 who’s lady friend keeps parking in my spot – I just ignore that when it happens, and I park in the guest spot because really it’s too petty to bother with. Also, when I had to replace my pegs three times because they went missing off the line, I did it without creating, and now to avoid the problem I take them in the house when I’m done with them. I do my vacuuming before 8PM, even though late at night is usually when I get motivated to clean.

There is one thing that really makes me ark up though. One thing that really REALLY ticks me off and makes me want to crank RATM at 3AM. And that is when people use my clothesline.

C’mon people, we have one each. Actually, we also have 2 really big communal ones, if you’re into that sort of thing. WHY pick on mine? Why put your enormous man underpants and work shirts on my tiny clothes line? I’m a busy girl, I have limited windows for things like washing and, well, sleep. I left my friends place earlier than I wanted to yesterday to do my washing – to get it out of the way before this week started. I get home and my line is full of your stuff. Not only that, it was there all Sunday, there this morning when I got up, AND STILL THERE NOW. You think I enjoy using the communal clothesline? Really not.

But I’m on to you. I think I know who you are. And one night while you’re sleeping I’m going to peg every towel I own on your clothes line AND mine leave them there for a week. See what you’ve done? See how petty and vindictive I’ve become?

So please whoever you are (guy in number 2 I WOULD WATCH YOUR BACK), before this gets out of hand, restrict your clothes pegging to your own line. For everyone’s sake.

Fuck you very much,

Karen from number 10.

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