Super Sunday

  • Feelin’ good.
  • Contemplating cleaning.
  • Not too seriously.
  • Wondering if it’d be wrong to have Easter egg for breakfast.
  • Thinking yes is probably the answer to that question but I’m not sure when that ever stopped me doing anything.
  • Listening to Darren Hanlon.
  • So. Excited. about Augie March tonight.
  • Feeling like a road trip, but I have limited hours today. I DO have that trip to Cowra coming up though. And I should probably go to Wagga some time soon.
  • Wondering if there’s a way to set up a Spandeau Ballet free zone around my car.
  • Kicking myself for not loading the new Wilco album on my iPod yesterday.
  • Thinking I should buy no more CDs this week. If I added up the money I’ve spent on music this week it’d make me feel faint.
  • So I won’t.
  • More than a little bit in love with Andrew Bird.
  • Missing Ani DiFranco.
  • Hoping desperately she tours again.
  • Wondering the best way to hem this bridesmaid dress. I like to pretend I can sew, but it’s moments like these I realise I’m kidding no one.
  • Thinking that I need to buy another CD rack sometime soon.
  • Thinking I should phone the Metro to make sure I can take in a camera tonight.
  • Wanting to swim out past the breakers and watch the world die.

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